Week 5

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Preacher, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Preacher

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    running Test E, only 500/week

    204 - 219lb

    Everything is going great, My size is getting up there as well as my stomach...:mad:

    I threw out the back on Tuesday no not from working out, it was pulling a light 20lb blade out of the back of my truck so I have missed Wed workout as well as probably Friday if this stupid thing don't heal....

    I have to start injecting into my thigh again and just deal with the tenderness afterwards, cause it is getting harder and harder for my to rotate my body around to stick it in my ass. Yoga would do my wonders, but fuck that. So what if i can't tie my own shoes, thats why i got married.

    well other than that the wife has put me on a time out on the sex scene so I guess its back to looking at picks of Solo and Grizz together....:eek:

    well i'm off for another injections, hopefully i can keep most of the blood in my body this time

    what time to you guys normaly inject? I try to get it in around 3:00 pm monday/Thursdays... I don't like injecting thursdays without working out though.......
  2. jrod196

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    Nice to hear Preacher.
    I shoot right after lunch and then go to the gym in the evening. I know some peeps shot at night before bed. I myself like to inject and then hit up the gym. I'm getting mad though, cause I am sick again with a cold going around. So no gym for me tonight! I hate i may go and power through it. Good stuff preach.
  3. terrorizer2

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    I usually inject mornings.I usually train around 8 o'clock in the morning then do it when i come home along with a nice protein shake for breakfast.
  4. solo47

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    So things are kicking in, are they? You mean your stomach muscles are getting larger or you're water bloated? The cycle you're on, Test E only, could easily lead to extra water retention. But when you're a hockey player flying down the ice like a runaway tank that extra water won't hurt.

    Can't you turn far enough to just feel your way into a buttock injection? Hip muscles will do too. If you got big shoulders, delts are a good second choice. Anywhere there's muscle & few veins really.

    Whutthefuk is this? Mr Grizz promised he'd never put those photos online!

    With Test E, it doesn't really matter since it's long-term build-up that matters. So most find the mornings most convenient.

    Now put away those dirty pictures! When you're on high Test, seeing dogs in heat will pump up the libido. You're a frogging preacher, go to the damned church more. And beg de Lawd for forgiveness[}:)].


  5. HDH

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    It's amazing how we can lift heavy weights with no problem but if we lift something small and meaningless or twist the wrong way, we fuck up our backs. Sucks bro- hate to hear it. I got tired of twisting around to inject also. Now I just use a mirror and one hand. I take my thumb and push into the spot that I want to inject and it leaves a white spot for about 5 to 7 seconds so it is easier to know right where to stick the pin in looking through the mirror. It seems awkward at first but once you get the hang of it is a lot easier. Practice makes perfect. I have odd sleeping habits because I work 3rd shift so I don't have a set time that I inject. I just usually do it about an hour before I head to the gym.

  6. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

    the good thing is my veins are starting to show more so its easyier to avoid them.

    Well thanks to JROD and his stupid story about how he tried to inject into his thigh and his leg started twitching I get nervous everytime I stick my thigh but dam is it easy there. Last night I must of nick a nerve cause my thigh twitched a little while driving the needle in. It send shrills down my spine but unlike JROD *cough* pussy *cough* i followed through with it anyways. Its so much easier.

    Update my thigh feals like i have a charlie horse........
  7. HDH

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    It has happened to me and I just back the pin out a little bit and everything is ok. One time a twitch and a couple of times, just pain. The lump is usually a little bigger but thats about it.

  8. jrod196

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    I know I know, I need to nut up and try it again. But I don't want to walk around the next day like I have a charlie horse when my ass is used to getting pricked. LOL!!! That sounds extremely gay. U know what I mean though. Thanks Preach for the shout out. :D