Week 6 Bloods - 24hreup

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  1. picholas

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    Injecting E3D

    Test E @ 250mg per injection
    EQ @ 300mg per injection
    Proviron @ 50mg ED
    arimidex @ 0.5mg EOD

    Everything except for the AI is from Royal Labs

    Bloods were drawn 24 hours after last pin, not fasted.
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  2. picholas

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    @Roger rabbit

    Wanted your guys opinion with the free test and Proviron. I know it has a half-life of about ~12 hours.

    I normally take it around 4PM right before I go to the gym, I took this blood test well after 12 hours the next day and I did not take my 50mg dose for the day yet.

    Can my AI affect this? Should it still be higher than this, or does that look about right?
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  3. LordSamuilo

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    Free test looks fine to me on 250mg of test. Kinda hard to tell exactly , but if you have any previous bloods on a similar dose of test and adex you could get a relatively good idea how the provi effected your free test.

    As far as testosterone, dht , and estradiol's effect on shbg and conversely free test....pshhh i cant give you a good answer . Its not black and white , and I know just enough to make myself look stupid , sorry bud ..
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  5. legendary

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    I’d say looks good. Did you happen to run rbc, hematocrit since your on EQ?
  6. picholas

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    I did last time, everything was normal. Only thing different was slightly high creatine and my triglycerides were lower.

    I should be getting my yearly physical while still on. They check all that good stuff.
  7. Docd187123

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    I’m not a doctor but what’s your concern with the free test?
  8. BigNattyDaddy

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    No LabCorp?
  9. wedorecover

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  10. wedorecover

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    Numbers look good on 250 mg
  11. Evom1

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    Off topic but how are you feeling man? Results coming good?

    HIGHRISK Member

    Problem is he took bloods 24hrs after last pin instead of protocol 48hrs. I just pinned today Royal test cyp. So Thursday I'll pull bloods.. Been cruising at 250 a week for about 5-6 weeks with no AI and absolutely nothing else. Wanted to start my blast yesterday but remembered about pulling bloods so decided to wait a few more days. I'll update when I get them back.
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    HIGHRISK Member

    Now I'm wondering if I should do the test that's 1500-3000 or 1500 or less??
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  15. wedorecover

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    Go for the 1500 +
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  16. picholas

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    Yeah, I live in a state where we can't use the online testing. I had to go to the hospital outpatient for this.

    Due to the hours and pinning schedule it was more like 30 hours then 24, I know we're supposed to do 48 but it was the best I could do

    Not concerned, just wondering if with the Proviron it should be higher than that? Or does me not taking it yet for the day and being more than 12 hours since I last took it factor in?

    Last two cycles I was up in more weight at this point but I was eating no where near as clean. I'm up 8-10lbs and I'm guessing and half of it is muscle. My legs, arms, and shoulders have blown up.

    Physically I feel great, endurance is through the roof, past 2 weeks my vascularity has shot way up, veins popping out in places they haven't ever before.
  17. Evom1

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    That's awesome man!!! Happy to hear
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  18. Docd187123

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    There is some evidence to suggest Proviron doesn’t increase free test like most seem to believe it does. Considering your total T levels, it is my opinion your FT levels are around where they should be.
  19. 350lift

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    do u supplement dhea. because i thought your dhea should be shut down with exogenous test
  20. picholas

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    No I do not. Haven't heard that DHEA would production ever would shut down. I have heard of lower numbers on TRT or on a cycle. My last bloods I was a little over 400 when not taking anything.

    I also experience no testicular atrophy on cycle at all.

    What if a man significantly boosts his testosterone through HRT (TRT)? Will that raise or lower his DHEA?

    Unfortunately, my answer to that question is anecdotal: there are several knowledgeable HRT physicians who have stated that decreased DHEA is a common side effect in the medium and long term testosterone therapy. The reason given for this is that testosterone tends to shut down the body's HPA (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal) axis, and the theory is that this "shutdown" can leave some men with lower DHEA.
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