Weight gain on anavar cycle

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    Hi, Im just wondering if anyone could shed a bit of light as to why my weight has gone up on 2nd week of Anavar? Im taking 10mg daily, spilt into 2 doses of 5mg , am and pm! My diet is clean, drinking 2ltrs of water a day, also taking a fat burner called 'Vanish' by Prosupps.
    I have had very little side effects so far apart from enlarged female parts which doesn't bother me really. Having to pee alot but thats nothing new.. Im 3lb up this week, def not feeling as lean as last week. I train 4/5 days a week, weight training! Do 25mins LISS post workout. Id be greatful of any advice. Haven't noticed any results yet but think my muscles seem tighter or harder, also upd my weight on everything this morning no bother so maybe its kicking in... Some people say you cant lose weight on anavar??? Im using it to drop body fat and increase muscle mass... ? Am I wrong??
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    Well first things first... did you test your var to make sure it's var?
    I say this because you shouldn't be increasing in weight that fast on var.

    Second, Var isn't a fat loss/weight loss fix. That is not the main purpose of aas.

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    Also, all things considered... diet plays a key role of what you can expect and achieve with your cycle... so maybe outlining that and we can help adjust it... along with your training and cardio.

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    Hi, thanku for prompt response, no i havent tested it but got it from a reliable source.. Do i need a special testing kit to test it? I have just done all my measurements , hips, waist, arms thighs etc and there the same as last week so it must b fluid retention!!! I know Anavar not a weight loss pill but does it not increase ur strength and endurance which inevitably will drop body fat once diet is on point?? Again really appreciate ur advice thanku
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    Yeah weight loss on Anavar is near impossible. You may be able to do some recomp but it's not a weight loss drug. Plus, if you're like me, the anavar will bloat you up. It's water weight and will disappear when your cycle is over but you may very well have to endure the bloat for the duration of the cycle. It will leave you with new hard awesome muscle behind but it's just covered up right now.

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    Ok so on training days this is my diet;
    Meal 1: 7am
    40g oats + 30g blueberries + 3 egg whites

    Meal 2: preworkout meal(90mins b4 training)
    100g chicken + 145g sweet potato

    Meal 3: post workout meal
    115g chicken +120g sweet potato

    Mid afternoon snack: 170g fage yoghurt + half scoop protein with 10g nut butter

    Meal 5:
    100g lean steak or mince plus 1 whole egg plus 120g sweet potato.
    Meal 6: 150g fage yoghurt plus half scoop whey plus 25g nut butter..

    Non training days are pretty much the same just lower carbs.
    My training is as follows;
    Day 1: legs and glutes
    Day 2: back and biceps
    Day 3: glutes and calves
    Day 4: shoulders and triceps
    Day 5: hamstrings and quads
    Then the following week ill do volume work and then back to the above 5 day methed of combined work.
    I take creatine 5mg, glutamine 10mg and bcaas preworkout, i take a fat burner which is thermogenic, find that gud for water retention.. I drink carbs intra workout and post workout along with protein and creatine.
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    h and i do 25mins LISS post work out 5 days a week, which is the treadmill on icline of 8 , speed 6 or 7.
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    What are your total daily macros? Did I miss that? Sorry.

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  9. Blue-bell-78

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    wouldnt mind holding onto water weight for the entire cycle aslong as it leaves my body when finished..
    My daily macros are 40% protein 40%carbs and 20% fats.. Currently sitting at 1873 calories on training days and 1600 on non training.
  10. GearGodess

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    How old are you?

    Also, I don't see any veggies besides your sweet potato in just about every meal. That's A LOT of sweet potato. What's your reasoning behind that? Even though sweet potatoes are amazing and a fibrous carb, there is quite a bit of sugar as well as still starchy to a point... I would incorporate dark green veggies to your diet... your food may be what's bloating you and not necessarily the var... evaluate your total sugars and sodium and stick to absolute minimums or eliminate all together. I personally like sweet potatoes early in the day versus late in the day. They make me feel much better then.

    Also, and I know I said this before.... (some may disagree) but running aas with over the counter 'fat burners' is actually counterproductive and does more damage than good IMO. I say this because aas help to build and grow lean mass, most OTC fat burner supplements are pretty much just eating away/eliminating the hard earned muscle that you just worked so hard to get. So at the end, you wasted your var cycle and finished off a "fat skinny" with jiggles instead of a hard, lean fit look and feel....For your bloat issues, I'd change up the food choices that you have currently as well as incorporate MORE water... at least 2 gallons (I know it sounds odd but it will help). Also, some people find bloat when they eat dairy on or off cycle as well... maybe change it up, eliminate it or add pumpkin pure to your yogurt with some stevia and cinnamon as that will combat the bloat and make you feel better plus pumpkin is full of fiber :)
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    Great advice wow... Im a 38yr old mum of 3... On a career break, im a nurse by profession.Ok so stop the far burners anyway... I forgot to include veg, i eat LODS of green bean, asparagus and kale with each meal but yes i too think im eating too much carbs(sweet potato).. My plan is done by a fitness coach, i finish up with her next week as she is completely anti steriods.. So want to try manage things on my own for a while.. Am hoping to do a show early next yr, in the figure category... So want to see how my body changes.. Tanku for great advice..
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    I don't eat any veggies rawr! But ya OP that's a lot of sweat patato you could drop some sweat patato and have a pop tart instead because pop tarts are tasty as faurk!

    As for the OTC fat burner supps vs AAS I'm gonna go ahead and jump in and disagree. Var was made for AIDS patients to be able to maintain if not gain LBM with their condition so if you believe an OTC fat burner is as catabolic as AIDS that's quite the claim. While I don't believe in any OTC fat burners as a calorie in vs a calorie out is the only way to lose weight regardless of what you are on, that being said they don't target LBM to any more of a degree then your calorie deficit would.

    OP as for your weight gain you are using a drug made to gain weight especially in females. I'd chalk up the initial weight gain to intramusclur water retention but you should have tested it to make sure your var is indeed var cause even the most trusted sources can get greedy and var costs a lot to make where as dbol costs nothing (I personally got burned by this recently by my trusted source)

    As for your macros and calories I see the 40/40/20 and total cals but I'm curious about P/C/F intake for 1600 cals are you doing 160gP 160gC and 35gF? What is your TDEE are you in a deficit and if so how much?
  13. GearGodess

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    No problem! Anytime, I'm always happy to help. :)

    Yes I would honestly stop them. Why burn off what you are trying to earn so hard. If you want a thermogenic then I would go for something like the ECA (ephedrine 24mg, caffeine 200mg, aspirin 81mg) stack twice a day, much better option and actually works.

    I would also incorporate fasting cardio for 30 minutes, you don't have to go crazy... as long as you do it when you wake up and before you have anything to eat or drink... except the ECA stack, take that prior with water only. That should help you burn fat and allow var to do it's thing.

    And age is important, especially for us ladies... we don't process carbs in the same fashion anymore... I noticed as the years go by, I need less. And to be honest, increasing your good fats would be beneficial to meet your goals.
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    As i said my coach does my nutrition plan and tracks all the macros... I did roughly try work put wat she had calculated my daily expenditure to be and she cut it by 300cals... But i didnt analize it much more cos i pay her to do that but will b going into it in debth now im doing it on my own... how do i test the var? Is there a specific testing kit or wat? Cheers for advice
  15. Blue-bell-78

    Blue-bell-78 Member

    As i said my coach does my nutrition plan and tracks all the macros... I did roughly try work out wat she had calculated my daily expenditure to be and she cut it by 300cals... But i didnt analize it much more cos i pay her to do that but will b going into it in debth now im doing it on my own... how do i test the var? Is there a specific testing kit or wat? Cheers for advice
  16. RodgerThat

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    Ya it's called a labmax kit then you just select the one that tests for Anavar. You can order them online just google it
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    it is typical to gain weight in the beginning on var. It is mostly water in the beginging and will stay the whole cycle. It will not continue at the same pace the whole cycle. It seems that the quick water gain is also the quick water lost at the end. the gains made in the middle are the ones you are able to keep.
    Anavar is a good choice for lean muscle growth, this may lead to fat lose but overall that isn't its first job. Growing new muscle is job 1.
    As a few others will tell you, after the first week off, bloat will go away and you will feel great, till then enjoy your new superhuman strength gains
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  18. Docd187123

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    Have to disagree like RodgerThat

    1) OTC fat burners aren't catabolic. They just don't work period for most of them.

    2) eliminating sodium is a bad idea for the long term as it's an essential nutrient. High sodium intake doesn't bloat regardless. It's the fluctuation from low to high that does so if one maintains a high sodium intake there will be negligible bloating if any.

    3) drinking more water doesn't help with bloating. Regardless of how much you drink, the kidneys can only process so much water at any given Time.
  19. GearGodess

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    What I was saying is, that majority over the counter fat burners are nothing but a waste of money and all it does is focuses on the 'artificial weight' not the actual fat to be burned. There are much better choices out there. Especially if you are already incorporating AAS into your lifestyle. But diet, training with cardio that's adjusted properly will give the results wanted that are much easily maintained than worrying about a rebound off some OTC pills. And that rebound is VERY common in females once they stop.
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  20. Blue-bell-78

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    Great advice thank you, i do know from being a nurse that the more water you drink the less chance your body will hold onto water.. The more dehydrated you are the more the body holds onto water so drinking loads is better than drinking less.. Plus for every 1000mg of vitamin c you take you must have at least 1ltre of water and i take 2000mg vit c every day so... Im not drinking enough id say!! Nurses are the worst for taking their own advice !
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