Weight loss after pregnancy

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    My wife is currently trying to loose weight after she finished breast feeding. Ive been doing some research into a simple cycle for her. I was looking at var, Winny or drol for her options. I don't think she will pin anything and want to stay away from t3 and clen.

    How does drol work for women in terms of cutting. I know it is supposed to have minimal virilization side effects but am wondering if it has any use for weight loss. I don't love var or winny due to how much they destroy your HDL.
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    Excerise and diet. Not sure I would put my wife on steriods for weights loss from child birth.
  3. Mac11wildcat

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    How far past pregnancy is she?

    Highly encourage natural training and restrengthening the abdominal area before added strength/size.

    Her body just did some crazy shit, try and keep her natural for a while and commit to diet and training.
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    She's almost 18 months past. We train and compete in powerlifting and strongman but there has been a little bit of stubborn fat that has driven her crazy. Her diet wasn't the best but has cleaned up over the past 2 months and there has been little to no change. i've wondered if some of it is because of the birth control but thats a must.
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    Birth control definitely changes things. There are options there though. So if it isn’t treating her well maybe seek other options.

    If she’s that far past pregnancy and you guys actively train in those disciplines not I retract my previously statement.

    Of what you listed, I’d only go with var. it’s being used in small doses on women and impacts should be small.