Weird feeling after eating using 2 iu / day

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    I’m gonna try to give you as much info as possible to see if this makes sense to anyone.

    I’ve been running 2 iu if HGH (Ansomone) per day for 4 months now. Yes, I have read the threads regarding Chinese HGH and I feel good about the current quality of what I am receiving. Results have been amazing.
    - I’m 43
    - I’m 5-11
    - Currently about 11% body fat (my best guess based on expirence) down from about 20%
    - My weight has gone from 189 to 168 with the help of clean eating as well as the HGH
    -initially I experienced sides that have slowly gone away like slight carpal tunnel and some minor joint pain.
    - my skin has gotten noticeably smoother
    - muscle tone has improved.

    Now for the last month or so I have decided that it’s time to try to put some weight back on in the form of muscle. I have been trying to take in at minimum 1 gram of protein per lb. so I have been adding as much real food protein as possible as well as protein supplements.

    Lately it seems that when I eat a decent sized meal I have been having sort of a reaction. It happens about 30 minutes after and may last about 2 hours. Slight pain in my lower chest / rib cage / core along with almost like a strain in the back of my neck. I can also say that I feel a little weak during this time. Honestly not crazy pain but I can tell my body is reacting to the food I’ve eaten.

    I suspected blood sugar so I started taking my blood sugar readings after eating but everything seems normal on that front.

    I have been switching up all the food in my diet to see if it’s something in particular but the only thing I can come up with is that the more protein the meal has the more pronounced the reaction.

    I’m hoping this might sound familiar to one you guys. Let me know what you guys think.
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    Maybe not drinking enough water? Shoot for a gallon and a half a day. Finish your meal, wait 10-15mins and down 20oz water
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    No heartburn. I even start to feel groggy and weaker.
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    I thought the same at first. I started drinking a ton of water but I still got the same reaction.
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    Have you had blood work?
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    I’ve done only gh and hormone related bloodwork at this point. I’m going to schedule a visit with my primary to get this checked.
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    Looks like SuperSwede may be right! Another good friend on this board messaged me directly and mentioned the possibility of gastroesophageal reflux (gerd).

    I went to the clinic last night so they could X-ray my chest and do an ekg. All look great and they came up with GERD as well. So I’m gonna try omeperezole and see if the symptoms go away.

    So obviously if this holds true it was totally unrelated to the GH. I will keep you guys posted.
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    Quick update. This has indeed been a gastro issue and unrelated to the GH.

    I have since realized that while making many dietary changes at once when I decided to go on the GH, one in particular may have contributed greatly.

    I added Apple Cider Vinegar to my diet. As I didn’t mind the taste more and more I went from a tablespoon mixed with a bottle of water to easily over 2. The more research I do I think that I may have just added too much to my diet and the acidic properties took their toll on my stomach.
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