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    so i never gave this a chance because it dried me out a ton the first week and i like the wet juicy look since im not as big as i want to be yet.

    well its weird because after the first week the dry effect goes away and im loaded with glycogen and my nips feel weird and it makes me extremely depressed and paranoid. i guess i can deal with that for 4 weeks. but the last side effect.

    >>> libido. this shit is fucking worse than tren for me how can i chill this side effect out? take gaba or something? its honestly just annoying me at this point.<<<
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    Superdrol is a weird drug, man. It doesn't aromatize, but commonly results in itchy nips. The side effects seem to be all o er the place for different people. I suspect that a lot of "superdrol" is actually something else, hence the varied side effects.

    I've never noticed that it did much for my libido. What else are you taking with it?
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    Ugh im dying to start me SD/NPP cycle
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    Just test man and trust me test does not do this to me. Sdrol kills my libido in the first week and now it’s the polar opposite.

    I was going to say this but I deleted it because I felt it was unnecessary. Out of all superdrol I’ve ever tried this Geneza seems different. I can’t take two tabs without feeling like death. My superdrol Raws I got before I could eat 50mg a day and not be so bad. I only trust geneza superdrol now. Mainly because I start shitting yellow real quick so that tells me it’s potent. But that side effect goes away? Weird idk. Now I haven’t tried many labs on meso I was on a previous forum. And I would say there is a very discernible difference between geneza and all other ones I have tried. And the pumps, they hurt bad. Never got that from other superdrol.

    Another effect I get from this brand superdrol. Endurance. real good
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    Geneza isnt very popular on this forum so be ready for that feedback.

    With that said, im using Geneza products right now lol
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    Lol yeah I don’t think naps is popular anywhere, I’m not familiar with much geneza, but their superdrol I love. I’ll go through naps just to get it.
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    The black tren and the poor customer service and TA issues are the biggest issues i hear.

    Wish they had a domestic shipper
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    Black tren….not a bad name for a band.
  9. .

    DHT derivatives can be ER ligands.

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    Thought I was the only one that noticed the yellow gear shots lol....