Welcome me to Meso, please.

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  1. First time caller, long time listner. Total noob here.

    Can someone give me a source that's g2g?

    i'm afraid of needles and only interested in oral steroids.
    i figure, if someone can run a TRT dose of Test for their entire life, why can't i run orals in the same manner?

    i see absolutely no downside to my mode of thinking.
    i have Liv52 and a bunch of supps that Dylan Gemelli recommended on hand. i also have AI's i picked up from Hammer Anabolics. i can tell they're fire just by looking at the bottle.

    Anywho. Happy to be here. Can't wait till we're all the bestest of friends and stuff.
  2. Welcome newcomer, you are in luck, roidmass/berd pharma over at evo is g2g, so is r&r labs here. Honestly all you need is some hcgenerate and n2guard and you’ll make massive gainz with hcgenerate and cure cancer with n2guard. Anything re Shilly dilly is g2g esp the turd pharma, super fire which’s way it’s like $100 for a vial of T but it’s pharma so you good. Tell you what give me the btc’s and I’ll hook you up real good ;)
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  3. TorroXL

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    This is all very humorous
  4. SuperSwede

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    Love your humor :D
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  5. MindlessWork

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    Well played good sir and welcome back!

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  6. Morefyah

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    Your in luck homie because there are oral versions that you can believe or not run forever. Thing is you need to be RICH or have the right connection.

    There’s Andriol which is testosterone undecanoate in 40mg capsules. You will need a lot though, but still possible to use for trt.

    Then there is Metenolone acetate aka Primobolan. I’m not sure if the oral pharma version is available but you can pick up a kilo of Raws from China. Sprinkle that shit on everything like salt and pepper, it’s also great in coffee!!

    Jokes aside there are options!
    Have fun at meso! o_O
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  7. Perrin Aybara

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    As long as you used to bench 350lbs back in high school and just got back to working out three weeks ago you're ready for a gram a week of tren ace in my opinion.
  8. Rockclimber

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    If your looking for HGH Puretropin by HGHPRO is G2G. :D
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  9. tengtren

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    I have stock of all your basic injects

    But I only trade for pics of your wife/girls butthole
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  10. Worf

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    Bro, you dont need all them steeroidz. I got a SARM stack thats perfect for you!

    S4, L4 GHNRP-69904, RAD-140, Ostarine
    Cardarine, LG1095678

    16 weeks Good pct of HGCgenerate, Bridge and Post Cycle aand Sustain Alpha
    Dont take that clomid or hcg it'll wreck your gainz

    PM for a discount code# 10%OFF
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    Welcome back. Did you miss us? :rolleyes:
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  12. Maybe a little, yes. :)
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  13. DrinkFlintWater

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    Welcome to Meso! Stick around, read stuff, say stuff. Youll do fine here. This place is wonderful. Also, Hammers' adex is properly dosed! I still get severe gyno when i use it but i must be really sensitive to 100 mg test/week is all. Youll have better results, i can feel it.

    HIGHRISK Member

    By god don't forget your Erase Pro!!! It takes the place of any AI no matter how much dbol you eat everyday. I'm a fan of oral only cycles anyway. Needles scare me. Perfect cycle is dbol,sdrol,Tbol,Anavar and some winny. Run that and you'll be good bro.

    Welcome :)
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  15. An1970

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    Oral TRT ??? That’s easy, just start popping some MethylTest and you’ll be fine! No need to bench, your chest will get big no matter what,and it’s easy to combine with Drol, Dbol, ...and more Drol, once you are ready for your firs cycle. Goes well with beer too! nolva is for pussies!!!
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  16. Iron Vett

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    Screw all these guys bro. They’re just shilling for their sponsors that give them their free shit. All you really need is creatine and Mega Mass 5,000. Plenty calories to get you swole. Worked for me :p
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  17. Aiden7

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    Hey man ! What about take this testo caps for stop the shutdown of the testo if you are under Dbol or Tbol only ? Do you think its enough ? And how many caps of 40 mg would you take ?
  18. T-Bagger

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    Go with the 36 eggs daily diet. Screw the gear. I understand you’ll be shitting eggs out whole but it’s as powerful as Dbol.
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