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    So here it goes folks, I'm getting into a second personal thread. Guessing most of you know what my journey has been like, but for the ones that don't I'll give you the readers digest version...

    Broken down power lifter with a lot to prove.

    This time I'm going in a different direction. The thought process is to aviod substantial bodily harm so consistency is maintained, and I feel like a non powerlifting game plan would be the most beneficial for me. For this endeavor I've enlisted the help of @Atlas_Physiques aka @mands & @Wunderpus. My ultimate goal is to grow like a weed and stay healthy and I think the next few months will provide me the best opportunities to accomplish this.

    My first week of training has come to a close and I have to admit, I've fallen off a bit. It's been two months since I was in a gym and it's noticeable to me but I'm felt better about it as the week went on. Fawkin rusty to say the least. Today was day one of the 2nd week and I'm pleased with where I'm at.

    My diet and alcohol intake went to shit over the past month due to some personal things. It was getting hard to cope and give a shit for a while but that's all in the rear view. Hug your loved ones every chance you get. Onward and upward mother fuckers.

    Yes, I am running a cycle and no, it isn't even close to crazy high dosing. It's lower dosing than some of my other blasts. Test, npp, eq, dbol and AI currently.

    Nutrition is almost 100% clean, from what I am used to. They have me eating like i want to eat, which is a shit ton, which is good. I hate being hungry!! Some different types of nutrition than my norm like not as many eggs as I like but not a big deal lol.

    Workout plan seems pretty basic on the surface, but I'm finding that it is more than adequate and hits me pretty good. I'm finding that my strength isn't too bad, anticipating a good bump in power although I'm not too concerned about it. Plenty of volume, I'll say that. Feeling very thick after these workouts.

    I will post up some pics so visual progress can documented. I'm going to wait until a month of training is in the books so we actually have something to compare the baseline pic to. Please keep in mind my goals here are size related so I'm not sure how fit and skinny I'll be looking. All in for dem gains!!

    Still 6' tall, about 245# starting weight. Nothing major for currently healing injuries, just normal crap.

    Any questions, ask : ) I'll answer the best way I can!

    Today was back day fwiw. :)
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    In it for the topless pics. In all seriousness I am excited to see how this goes. Seen nothing but good things come from atlas. Glad things are looking up for you.
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    I’m a new and big fan of Atlas.
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    Ive been reading what those two have had to say for years now. I feel confident in them!
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    Subscribed just so I might learn how to spell your name. Iklicyilicrka. Or something.
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    I lick erica
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    I grew reluctant when I saw the word "less" followed by a food... "Less" green beans or "less" lima beans might have been acceptable, but less eggs? That's one of those things you nod your head yes to them but in your head you know you've got a lot of lying ahead of you.

    Test, npp, EQ and dbol is going to fucking rock.
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    It's such a mind fuck going from 6 eggs every morning, at a minimum, to none. I'm probably going to swap a breakfast here and there for a pile of eggs. I'll just lie like you said, so no one tell wunder or mands...

    My first time with eq, very excited.
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    Lol yeah... No eggs isn't fucking happening on my end. Matter of fact, I'll eat a dozen every morning to pick up your slack now.

    I have experience with bold cyp. It's going to compliment the NPP nicely. You'll see veins you didnt know you had.
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    my man
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    I'll say to you what my last tranny said to me, "I'm in and interested to see what happens next"
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    Name calling, gender play and sexual harassment on the first page. There is some potential here folks...
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    Do you have specific goals in mind for bench, squat and dl?
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    In this morherfucker!
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    No sir. Just want to grow. I started getting hurt when I was chasing numbers and never had a gym injury before that. Trying to avoid that mostly, lol. I figure the rest will fall into place
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    Watch "Skee-Lo - I Wish (Official Video)" on YouTube
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    That shit brings me back dude. All I can think of is tube socks, the movie white men can't jump and tryin to get some real young super hairy pussy lmao
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    That hair was like fine silk!
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    Good chest day today. It's crazy how a workout can look "easy" on paper, but whoop up on you like a redheaded step child.

    Liking the new gym so far, lots of jacked dudes and a few chicks too. Going to hit up the a.m. crowd to see how it is. It's $30 a month so not too many young kids around. So far so good.