Well 14th week is here........

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Preacher, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. Preacher

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    I have finished my cycle of test E 500mg/w and I must say I loved it. I have started nolva today and I must say it is the SHITS. A little worrning I think is needed to had bad this stuff tastes. I figured whats 20mgs its only 1cc I can shoot it directly into my mouth. Well I'm pretty sure i'll be shooting it into some juice or water for now on......

    Being off of the Test now for 2 weeks my hormones are driving me nuts. I have become an absolute freak in bed, my poor wife, I would hate to know what she's thinking. I can't get pussy off my mind. And the things I want to try with her and get her to do. She loves the affection but when i'm completly out I think she's going to hate me :D When I become my regular asshole self again.

    Will I completly loose my sex drive soon? Will Nolva ever get better? Will my wife respect me in the morrning? :eek: Will Untold ever come back? Will Formanrules ever stop calling people son? Will Grizz ever shave his back and ass? Will....... fuck it i'm going back for more...
  2. dennis

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    1. If you had a sex drive before you cycled you should have one after too.As long as your pct is in check.It might be lower than norm just for a few weeks ..no worries.
    2.Yes..nolva will taste better w/ juice or beer.
    3.I think untold has started back to school.
    4.Foreman rules will do what ever the hell he wants to.
    5.Grizz tried that once...after 3 packs of bic razors were used and 2 electric trimmers burned up, four bottles of nair, and 2 painfull weeks of laser therapy he has given up.
  3. Grizzly

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    My "winter coat" is fully grown in right now. :eek: I haven't gone this long with grooming in 10 years. It's nice.
  4. lou123

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    Why not get some real Nolva (tabs) ? How did the cycle go, how long until you noticed gains ? how much did you gain and what happened to your strength. ?

    All I ever do anymore is on 500mg/w cycle llke you once a year. Did 500mg x 8 weeks last year and looking at either 600mg X10 or 500mg x 12 this year. Did any gains come late
  5. Selene

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    Sound like a successful cycle. I hope your wife is enjoying all of the attention. Very good!
  6. Preacher

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    tabs or liquid whats the diffrence other than price? nothing....

    I really liked it a ton, I gained 18lbs and haven't lost anything so far, I am going to shed some weight now playing hockey but hope to keep the strength. I started to Really notice around weeks 5-6. I did notice some gains came later my biggest gains to think about it. Came around week 9.

    Ya my wife LOVED the attention, but not all the sex, she had trouble keeping up with the sex. Sometimes I get carried away, and try to push the envelope too far :eek:

    The only thing I didn't like was it really played with my mind and really think some bad nasty thoughts...[}:)]
  7. lou123

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    Well real nolva tabs you know what you are getting. I don't trust these places especially for adex but i also get all my stuff from a US pharmacy so I'm lucky. Cheap and the best quality.

    For some reason anti-e's don't have co pay so 90 Nolva, 90 adex and 3 10/200 btls of T cost me a whopping $14
  8. Selene

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    ha ha ha, why you think bad nasty thoughts? always keep positive thoughts on mind and make you much happier person.
  9. HDH

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    Nasty thoughts to one are happy thoughts to another :D

  10. terrorizer2

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    Mate,you would not want to know what thoughts go through my head LOL!!.
  11. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

    ya me neither.....