Went for a Bench Press PR - 405lbs

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by canadabber, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. canadabber

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    Had to share me attempting the milestone. (I know it aint that heavy really for serious lifters at all) but i was still happy to hit it:) I train and compete as a bodybuilder, so really going heavy or chasing PR's really isnt my thing, however my mind had changed after i added a little tren to my bulk cycle two weeks back :) (lol get that tren strength and was pretty close to four plates so decided to go for it!)

    I suppose strict lifters (and probably especially power lifters) will probably point out that it wouldnt count in a competition... but i still lowered it down pretty slowly gave a puase about an inch or two from chest and was able to get it up so I'll take it:)

    I threw vid in below incase you were curious how it looked!

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  2. 405 is definitely an accomplishment. 95% of people in most gyms can’t hit that.
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  3. MindlessWork

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    Doing that with no wrist wraps = impressive.
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  4. canadabber

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    thx man appreciate it!
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  5. canadabber

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    Yeh i probably should have,,, lol my right wrist feels all messed up now! lol
  6. MindlessWork

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    I wear them because my left wrist is unstable as I broke it when I was a kid, and messed up the tendon in my right one a few years ago. Benching heavy they throw fits lol.

    The support is nice with the good ones too.
  7. canadabber

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    yeh i prolly should start if i want to lift heavy, i usually dont i usually just train with negatives and go for volume and the squeeze, !
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  8. johntt44

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    Great job, especially for someone who's not a powerlifter.
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  9. CAswole

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    Good job. And tell that guy spotting you to keep his hands away from the bar like that unless u need it
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    thx man!
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  11. canadabber

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    Thx man, and yeh he was aggressive with the spot it kinda threw me off a bit but managed to get it up... i'll keep working on it, maybe do one in a few months again if my strength keeps going up!
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