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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Poopwithme, Dec 24, 2003.

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    Hi there..I've been doing research on westside training for a few months now and I'm looking to put some of their ideals into practice..I was wondering if any of you guys had any experience with it..I am a recreational bodybuilder...I used to do powerlifting about a year or two ago...but body building appeals much more to me due to be symetrical and astethitcally pleasing..so have any of you guys tried or heard of a modified conjugate training method that allows the strength development ..cause I'm at a plateua on bech..stuck at 450lbs. My chest is growing but the #'s aren't going up and I believe this to be a lack of tricep strength..so any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    If you wanna do a modified conjugate training program, just do floor presses, board presses, etc., when you get stale on the flat bench.

    I wouldn't try to mix the whole Westside program with a BBing routine though.
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    Email me any questions. I've been training with and on the Westside System for years. Anything you want to know just ask, i'd be happy to help. It's a great system for bodybuilding because it involves strength and size gains for all fiber types.

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    Bench Weakness

    450 is a very good raw bench. You need to aks yourself, where am i weak in the bench. Where do i fail. Do the following: Board Presses just under your weak point in the groove - make sure you work up to a max 3. try and max out on the 5th set.
    i.e on a 3 board i recently did: worked up to a max 3 rep set of 525/3 then did 560/1. Do this with as your main Bench Exercise on that day. Then do 2 -3 in rack lockouts up to a max 3. Same Grip. Try and get 10 sets in working up to a max 3 again. small 20 lb jumps per set. so set a goal and work back 200lb to start.

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    Well, I think what you need is Dual Factory Hypertrophy Training...It's basicaly a bodybuilding program built on Westside concepts...There is a thread here in this forum..I think you should check it out..I myself am a powerlifter, and I did a three and a half month stint with DFHT and Loved the results it gave me!!!!

    I dont' think you'll be be better served by another program....

    And Boz-Hardwick...Why does he need to email you? Why not just post your answers on the board..That way others can learn and take part also...
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    Good post, I was going to suggest the same thing.

    If you want to apply a lot of WSB ideas to bodybuilding, no one is better to do so than AnimalMass, and he's already done it with his DF program.
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    I tried DFHT last year, along with the doggcrap training method..I didn't work out well for me...I mean I lost fat on the DFHT but not a significant strength gain.

    and I really don't think 450 is that great of a bench considering I weigh 250 considering that my last set of working squats i use 505 5-8 times..these are full squats