What 15 weeks of test and tren did to me

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    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Week 1-4 200mgs test Cyp Monday and Thursday, 100mgs Anavar ed.
    Week 5-7 200mgs test cyp Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
    Week 8-9 300mgs test cyp mon, wed and fri.
    Week 10 test @ same as dose, tren ace 30mgs ed
    Week 11 test same, tren 40mgs ed
    Week 12-13 test same, tren 70mgs ed.. Went full retard at the start of week 12 and upped tren to 100mgs ed for 3 days but was far too much lol
    Week 14-15 test cyp 150mgs mon and thurs, tren ace @ 40mgs ed..
    Have 4 days left of tren then running just 300mgs test ew before coming off and starting pct..
    Tren has been good to me with regards to side effects, spiked blood pressure too much when I was on 100mgs for the 3 days and caused awful paranoia and anxiety.. When dropped to 70mgs ed I had a slight spike in bp and my cardio was dead, apart from this all I got was some serious night sweats but I think that was due to consuming too many carbs..
    Been using 12.5mgs aromasin as an ai but I haven't had a set dose just when I feel I need it.
    My strength shot through the roof after adding tren to, my bench went from 120kg for a 1rm to 145kg for 1. My deadlift went from 190kg to 225kg and back squat from 160kg to 180kg, given my diet hasn't been great or I would've added more weight.. Been following wendler 531 for whole cycle.. Pre cycle lifts were 110kg bench, 170kg deadlift with questionable form and 140kg squat (I have a spinal injury if that counts for anything).
    First image was few months before starting this cycle and last two images were taken about 3 weeks apart with last one being taken yesterday..
    Ps...I know the dosages I was on at the peak were far too much and I have no intention of taking that much again, stupid decisions lol
    This is first post from way before Christmas lol
    Thanks for reading, peace ✌️
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    Surely this is a troll job.
    Maybe I missed it.
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    What makes you think I'm trolling?
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    I sure you're self-conscious about yourself just like most of us are.
    That's why I'm going to be cool bro I could have got the same results doing no PED's at all.
    I see no improvement at all.
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    Did you labmax your gear.
    I don't recommend it but if all that gear was legit you should have seen better results not even working out if you had a half way decent diet.
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    Have to agree with you. He should of gotten HUGE off that cycle. Looks exactly the same. Not trying to be a dick either.
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    Hey brother how are you feeling?
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    How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
    How long have you been lifting?
    I mean you did make some progress.. but it's time to go back to the drawing board and get your diet and training in check.
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    Not the best day but I should expect that. I'm refusing to take my pain meds but I haven't slept much in 2 days. Might have to use them because I need to rest. But not bad considering I'm just a couple days post op. Thanks for checking in bro. Everything going well??
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    Way too much shit for what I'm seeing in the photos, which ain't much difference. You could have gained more with nothing but food. Not trying to be a dick, just critiquing what I'm seeing here.
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    After 15 weeks of test and tren you should look like a cartoon character with the impossibly thin waist and wide lats, shoulders, and arms that's seems distinctive for tren imo. Sorry bud something was off here.
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    Why was your test dose all over the place? I did 900mg of test for 2 weeks and got better results than you did o_O

    You seriously did 900mg of test? Doesn't look like it. Doesn't look like you even did a cycle.
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    You look like a praying mantus in the middle pick
  15. SteroidsBro

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    Good to hear brother. I'm hanging in there can't complain still alive.
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    Like they said ..there i am before tren and then 5 weeks in on tren and i was running
    750 test c 2x week (mon-fri)
    Tren ace 400 mg week (eod)

    Your gear was bunk
    Or your diet and training was !

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    Give me your drugs young man. Before you hurt yourself. Or suffer the consequences. Dont wanna end up like the avi
    Its for your own good
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    Not even poking fun at you but just being realistic , your diet and training are way off ! Even if you were natty and had your nutrition in check , and a mediocre training program you'd of had more noticeable progress... Like i said not being a dick but time to go back to the drawing board and start from the ground up ...
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    On another note, props for at least having the balls to post photos.