What are the effects of Testosterone injections?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Noblenutria, Jun 26, 2013.

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    Noblenutria Junior Member

    Taking testosterone injections always raises libido and sex drive right, even if does not improve the quality of erections?
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    No. It will vary, but what is the baseline.
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    Noblenutria Junior Member

    I don't know what my baseline is. Normally people don't get their T checked unless their is something wrong with it. I have only had my T checked after I first started experiencing symptoms.

    In the last year I have been tested several times. I have had a a total T of 300, 250, 450, 432 and 400. Is is really possible that if I raise my T to 900 I will not feel an increase in sexual desire?
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    idmd Member

    Your baseline are your labs before any treatment....is this a double post?
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    foreveryoung Member

    when it comes to hormones, everyone is very individual, and even within individuals there is large variability as there are many factors that can influence how one feels at any given time...... so the word "always" is definitely not a useable word for this topic
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    Superman4hire Member

    It generally does. What's the concern?
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    Noblenutria Junior Member

    I have very low testosterone. My libido has dropped far below what it used to be. I am trying an experiment. I want to see if taking testosterone will raise my sex drive. So far I have injected myself twice, once every two weeks, each time 200mg/1ml. Have you taken T? What does it feel like to you, before and after taking T. How long before you feel it working?
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    LW64 Member

    You've given yourself two large doses of T. How do YOU feel?
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    totalburnout Member

    How does the right T protocol feel?

    With the proper mindset and outlook, it feels like you're doing everything right. Like you're conquering the world and can do no wrong.
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    Noblenutria Junior Member

    I don't feel any different so far. That's why I want to ask other people what it feels like. I feel like I should have noticed something by now. Three weeks in and no difference in fantacies, no greasy skin. How do you feel when you start taking T. How long does it take for you to notice?
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    foreveryoung Member

    your levels weren't that drastically low in the first place so the differences might not feel much more dramatic either
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    Noblenutria Junior Member

    Have you taken T? How did it feel when it began to kick in?
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    foreveryoung Member

    well, like I said, it depends where you are coming from.... if your test levels are normal and you inject typical trt dosage, you might not feel anything at all really

    if you are coming from near zero levels shut down levels and inject typical trt dosage it might feel like your energy levels are much better and your mood would improve
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    Noblenutria Junior Member

    I didn't know there was a threshold where more t no longer increases sex drive. I though the more you take the more horny you get.

    I have a different question. If your testosterone was 250, as mine was 6 months ago, (now it is 400), and you could not get an erection, what would you do?
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    Noblenutria Junior Member

    My endo says my T of between 250 and 450 is normal. Is there any way that he could be right?

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