What Are You Training Today?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Oregonstrong, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. Oregonstrong

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    Just like the title states, what are you training today brothers? For all of you training fanatics, post up your workout!

    I'll start........

    Chest - 13 sets / Shoulders – 8 sets / Back - 4 sets / Triceps – 4 sets

    Banded hammer press – Do a few warm up sets to get started. Flex hard though on every rep. Do 4 sets of 8. 4 total work sets.

    Flat barbell press – Pyramid up on these doing sets of 6 this week. Keep going until you can barely get 6. We’ll count the last 3 sets as work sets. Use continuous tension on these, no locking out, and take to 12 inches above chest. 3 total work sets.

    Flat dumbell press – Let the dumbells come down low, and stretch real good, and lift your sternum. Then drive up to almost lockout (but not quite), and come back down. Do 3 sets of 10 like this. 3 total work sets.

    VBar pushdowns – Do 4 sets of 12 with 30 second breaks between sets. Don’t flex at the bottom. Keep the weight moving, continuous tension. Go heavy. 4 total work sets.

    Dumbell side laterals – 5 sets of 10 with 20 second rest breaks. Crank on these. Fight through the pain. 5 total work sets.

    Bent over rear dumbell raises3 sets of 30 reps of swings. 3 total work sets.

    Wide grip pulldown – 4 sets of 10. Drive the weight down hard and flex. Stretch out good at the top! 4 total work sets.

    Back day tomorrow!!!
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  2. MindlessWork

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    Legs today:

    Squat 3x8
    Leg extensions 5x8
    Leg Curls 5x8
    GoodMornings 4x10 up to 115lbs
    Standing calf raises - using smith machine 5x10
    Hanging leg raises - with lead shot weights on ankles

    Each set has 30 second rest period, except for squat/dead 1 minute between sets
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  3. double-leg

    double-leg Member

    Legs also but as i get older i had to switch my compound lift after i was warm up.
    Leg extension
    1 1x15
    1 5x8
    Leg curls
    1 5x8
    Single leg Deadlifts
    Standing calf
    Seated calf
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    MANWHORE Member

    My Patience with my girl
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  5. MythotiK

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    Legs as well, 7 this morning

    4x10 Squats (calf raises at the top)
    4x10 Leg Extensions
    4x10 Leg Curls
    4x8 Lunges
    4x10 Seated Calves

    Then home, nap, food.........
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  6. Oregonstrong

    Oregonstrong Member

    I train that every day bro:)
  7. MythotiK

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    Train all you want, not gonna help!!! ;)

    MANWHORE Member

    You right Myth
  9. Oregonstrong

    Oregonstrong Member

    Damn, everyone's training legs today! Looks good brothers. Leg day is Wednesday for me, I'll post it up then. I have been killin them lately.......
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  10. MythotiK

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    I'm a worthless turd the next day after legs, hence the Saturday morning workout :) :)
  11. Oregonstrong

    Oregonstrong Member

    I hear you brother, good thinking. Luckily I don't do too much walking at work. I can usually recuperate the next day.
  12. Notits

    Notits Member

    Hack Squats
    Leg Press
    Lying Ham curl
    Stiff Leg deads
    Seated calf raise
    Calf Raise on the leg press
    3x10 Failure on the last set of each.
    Hardest part of the whole workout is 4 flights of stairs once I get home...
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  13. Ozzy619

    Ozzy619 Member

    This is exactly what I did today minus the deads. And did 5x10 or until failure
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    MANWHORE Member

    I did 4 minutes of forearm twists with the
    grip thing and weights hanging.. forward and back for about 4-5 minutes straight


    Curls with 20lb dumbbells for about the same amount of time..

    Yes I am an animal, I know

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  15. Ozzy619

    Ozzy619 Member

    I also did front squats for the first time on the smith machine, was pretty damn hard but going to start incorporating my regular.
  16. Oregonstrong

    Oregonstrong Member

    Back Day - 24 sets

    One arm barbell row – Do a few warm up sets. Work up to a tough 8 and stay there for 4 sets of 8. 4 total work sets.

    Low rows – Do sets of 10 with a hard flex in the contracted position.

    Supersetted with

    Stretchers– Hit 8 reps on these. Don’t forget, duck your head and stretch!
    8 total work sets via 4 supersets.

    Dumbell Shrugs – Do 4 sets of 25 reps with the same weight you used for your sets of 12 w/ 3 second pauses last week. No pauses this week, just up and down for 25 reps.
    4 total work sets.

    Banded hypers – Sets of 15 reps.

    Supersetted with

    Rack pulls (1/4 reps) – These should be pulled from ABOVE your knees. Don’t try to be a hero and go lower or your back will crack in half. Just work the top quarter of the movement. These KILL after reverse hypers. Sets of 6 reps.
    8 total work sets via 4 supersets.

    Killed it brothers!
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  17. FuriousWO

    FuriousWO Member

    Shoulders (all 4 set, 8-10 reps)
    Db press
    Db Front
    Rev Cable fly
    Lateral Raise
    Machine Shoulder Press
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  18. Oregonstrong

    Oregonstrong Member

    I'll bet you had one Hell of a pump after that workout furious! I like those reverse cable fly's. With those I like to do 15 reps then do 15 partials. That will pump down blood to those rear delts!
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  19. FuriousWO

    FuriousWO Member

    I just discovered those reverse cable flys and I LOVE them. I'll give those partials a try
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  20. Masters Power

    Masters Power Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Right Pec and Glute Isolation movement with barbell hold 1x10
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