What can cause low igf scores on pharma gh?

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  1. Evom1

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    So this is referencing some blood work a little while back
    I had been on gh for about a year and a half and the last 6 weeks or so was 2iu norditropin 3x per day. I went and got fasted blood work done about 15hrs or so after my last dose and my igf-1 came back at 140. I'm sure the norditropin is legit and not fake, but that number seems crazy low.

    I do not have a baseline number. Any insight on what could cause this?
  2. Dax

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    I would get a second opinion especially if your hospital/ family doctor did the blood work,
  3. Evom1

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    It was private MD labs
  4. Yosyrj

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    I see more and more low igf levels and when it comes to blame the hgh, I rather point in the individual, not everyone reacts the same, there’s no way that some people score 500 in the Same hgh and others score 200
    I’ve seen it all, really high serum test w poor igf and viceversa
    My recommendation is to change to another brand and run another igf blood test, if the numbers are poor then you are the problem
  5. Boss Brady 12

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    ive gotten igf bloods done 3 times all low scores my liver is fine I get bloods done often you should def go get baseline done. Im about to get my baseline too after I do igf on Mauve tops im running but its weird getting fat loss,great sleep and muscle growth so hgh is working but igf numbers suck and tested my thyroid its converting t4 tot3.Def think orals and certain Anabolics affect hgh.Should get liver and thyroid checked to see if everything is fine!
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    Non responder or gh is expired / contaminated
  7. Logan44551

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    I remember Jeff g having a bunch of igf blood work. His numbers started dropping at one point. Not sure if he ever found the cause. I have heard people say that different hormones can effect igf numbers, but haven't seen any studies or anything just brolore. If you have been on for a year and a half might consider coming off for 4-6 months and try starting back up, I bet your numbers will come back up.
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  8. What else were you running at the time?
    OTC meds
    Herbal supplements
  9. Evom1

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    @Anonymous_anabolics for anyone that cares I'm ok with him leaving his thread to share insight here

    Oh man, let me think back to what the boss had laid out ..

    tudca 250mg 2x per day
    Milk thistle 250mg 2x per day
    Ubiquinol 200mg 2x per day
    Turmeric 500mg 2x per day
    Pantethine 600mg
    Plant sterols (cannot remember dose)
    Resveratrol 250mg 2x per day
    Vitamin k2 100mcg
    25billion cfu probiotic
    100mg 5htp
    40mg accutane
    Various pre workout supplements

    Spread out Throughout the day...
    15g glutamine
    1800mg Alpha Lepoic Acid,
    6000mg L-arginine
    1800mg NAC

    Gear during this time progressed I'll do my best to lay it out here

    1000mg/wk test c this was dropped eventually
    800mg/wk deca this was dropped eventually
    600mg/wk eq this was dropped eventually
    2iu gh 3x per day
    50mcg ed t4 went up to 100mcg t4
    25mcg Ed t3 went up to 25mcg 2x ed
    20mcg clen went up to 20mcg 2x per day
    200mg/wk tren a went up to 700mg/wk
    50mg Anavar Ed at the end
    50mg winny oral Ed at the end
    1mg adex ed

    At the time of blood work the test, deca and Eq had been gone for weeks.
    I'm pretty sure that's everything. Water intake legitimately neared 2gallons a day
  10. Shit.

    I had a similar issue with low igf-1 levels when running 19-nors. Couple the tren with the orals and I bet that's your problem right there. Also adex has been shown to lower igf-1. Switch to aromasin.
  11. Marcus

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    Is this the same Norditropin supplier who sold you the ones that you’re on now that give you a brown mark?

    If so, then I’m really thinking he’s doing something weird with storing his scripts.
  12. movingiron88

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  13. Evom1

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    Yes sir. Someone I trust looked over some close up pics I sent and confirmed they are real, which I had every reason to believe initially as well.

    My thought is maybe they weren't refrigerated? There were literally 20+ pens, still in boxes. But it gets me thinking improper storage may have been the issue

    @Anonymous_anabolics I always prefer aromasin. Coach wanted adex at the time.
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  14. brutus79

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    If you paid me 100 bucks a day to take all this stuff I still couldn't remember 1/10 of it.
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    For real, he’s taking accutane, and all that, I feel so bad for his liver, reading all he takes hurts my own liver.. lol and then he wonders why his igf is low
  16. stone988

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    do a serum test!!!
  17. Goingstronger

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    Liver conversion of hgh to igf-1 could be impaired.
    Accutane and orals could be to blame
  18. Evom1

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    That was my thought. I absolutely hate orals. Won't ever use them again except for the end of contest prep.

    Accutane is a pretty conservative dose. . But still
  19. Dr JIM

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    WO a baseline the suggestion
    a higher level should be expected,
    is erroneous.

    The only means of KNOWING whether a HGH product meets industry standards is analytical testing by a certified lab or was purchased at a US based Pharmacy.

    Finally it worth reiterating, although the group HGH/IGF dose response curve is linear the difference among individuals is often considerable.

  20. Demondosage

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    Do you feel any difference with the supplements while running a cycle like that? While I don't use as much as you do I could see possibly adding in the turmeric twice a day, reservatrol, plant sterols , ZMA, 5htp , glutamine and about 3,000 mg arginine a day rather than 6,000 (since I'm on 7.5mg cialis staple dosage daily anyways)

    I guess basically I'm wondering if you feel a better sense of well being and clean running engine on these supplements while running that cycle. I'm on simvaststin for cholesterol already, but numbers still come in a little skewed. Just curious, thanks