What can cause signs of low T with normal T levels?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by pepous, Oct 30, 2012.

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    pepous Member


    I would like to ask seriously to some doctor or experienced member here. What are possible reasons of "can't grow facial hair, have gynecomastia, lack confidence, have trouble verbalizing my thoughts, brain fog, low mental and physical energy, trouble concentrating, slight depression, anxiety" and so on? Is it always testosterone deficiety?

    What reason can cause this? My ideas:

    1. Low testosterone levels.
    2. Imbalances in testosterone/estradiol levels.
    3. High testosterone but low free testosterone becouse of SHBG

    What are the others cousing this?

    Becouse once I did bloodwork done and my levels was ( I am 21 years old )

    Estradiol 66 pmol/l <28-156>
    testosterone 13,44 nmol/l <8,64 - 29 >
    DHEAS 8,14 umol/l < 5,73-13.40 >
    Cortizol 482,5 nmol/l <171-536>

    My testosterone is not that low.

    Thank you very much and sorry for my broken english.
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    sade Banned

    Androgen insensitivity syndrome but it doesn't look like you have that as your T is low normal. If you had AIS your T would be high normal or over the range.
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    It maybe a false negative
    I am guessing he took the test after 9AM.
    Also watch some porn before testing for T.
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    sade Banned

    Before I found out about MAIS, i stayed up all night hoping my T would come back low and it didn't. 644 ng/dl and an LH of 10.4.

    The only thing that lowered my T was chronic masturbation and it wasn't intentional. This surprised me because even abusing androgens didn't lower my T. It pissed me off too, big time because all this time I wanted my T to be low so that I could get TRT on prescription and then I find out about a rare condition, I go see a specialist for the diagnosis then just when I'm about to get treatment my fucking T drops to hypogonadal levels and endo now thinks I'm hypo. This really pissed me off and fucked me up for another. I was supposed to start treatment last December but then this happens and fucks my life up for another year.
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    If you are hypo now.Why is the doctor no ready to prescribe you test??I am confused.
    I would love to do a 500mg cycle for 3 months.But only if i could without going into jail.Fuck this gene testing that dr jim suggested.no endo in my country will be competent enough to handle AR mutation cases.

    All the smart desi docs go abroad I guess.
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    A better idea to become hypo is to keep laptop on lap:)
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    sade Banned

    I didn't want treatment for low test. I wanted treatment for MAIS.

    I stopped wanking and started taking plenty of vitamins and thyroid support herbs. My T and LH came back up.
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    JakeZ Member

    I never heard that wanking can cause low T. That's scary. I wank almost daily even when I'm not horny at all cause of being bored or depressed. :(
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    sade Banned

    The thing with me is though, I wasn't wanking just once daily. It was more like 10 times a day and I'm being serious. I posted a thread on here titled 'Chronic masturbation' last year and a few days later got tested and my T was low, I had developed insulin resistance and had protein in my urine. I then started researching chronic masturbation and came across a forum where hundreds of guys have their endocrine systems demolished by wanking off excessively.
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    JakeZ Member

    10 times a day sounds really unhealthy. Was this obsessive? I mean did you enjoy this? I couldn't even cum 10 times a day even if I was jacking it 24/7. I think 3 times a day was my maximum and even this wasn't fun it was totally hard work and my dick hurt and was swollen afterwards.
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    sade Banned

    Yes partly. I have a history of OCD but it started after I took levothyroxine which gave me a bit of a libido back and after that I got addicted to online porn.
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    3 times a day is the maximum i went
    Anyways I only rub one out ,once everyday.

    10 days seems impossible for a guy with MAIS unless there is some Non AR mediated pathway responsible for libido.
    Even my libido astonishes me.I am Women Crazy.
    Sometimes I feel I can have sex with 5-6 women and maybe more in one day.
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    JakeZ Member

    Poor guy. Are you over the online porn? I also get a desire to watch this shit every now and then but it's pure poison. It leaves you empty and feeling like shit. It's not even a big turn on for me. When I was younger and watched soft porn on TV I'd feel something in my balls like a cramp or something and it was really turning me own. But now I can watch hc-porn and not even have an erection.
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    I am 27 Jake How old are you??
    And I dont have sexual fantasies of normal male.
    I have some wierd fantasies about women that i cant share on this forum.

    And Sade plz elaborate on the protein in the urine.
    Does excess masturbation cause nephrotic syndrome???????:eek::eek::eek::
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    JakeZ Member

    I'm 26. What kind of weird fantasies? :confused:
    You mean something nasty? I'm into nasty stuff.

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    Its nasty stuff.

    what nasty stuff u into??
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    JakeZ Member

    Real freaky nasty stuff. With bolts,nuts and blowtorches. That's all I can say here.
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    plz elabotate who will read it anyways
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    bax Member

    4 girls 8 cups
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    JakeZ Member

    I can't. I am saving the good stuff for my erotic book. I'm writing an erotic book which will be sold over a website which I'll get going once the book is finished. You can buy the book via credit card and then you get it in pdf and can read it on your e-book reader while sitting on the toilet rubbing one out. It's gonna be the blast. The episodes are full of eroticism and sick morbid humor.

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