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    i run long distances like 2 to 4 miles every couple days and i was wondering if steroids can help you run fast, build your endurance or not. havent there been runners and cyclists that use steroids? which ones help them? i'm really curious about this. if you use steroids to bulk up, i imagine that would make it harder to run with all that extra weight. are there steroids that help improve stamina and endurance?
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    And if you want to run faster just pay a hot bitch to get naked and walk 2-4 miles AWAY from you. Then pop 4 viagra. You'll run that 2-4 miles faster than you ever have before!
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    On a serious note tho nano it is a common misnomer for noobs to believe that steroids are "designer drugs" in some way. That is to say, noobs usually believe that each steroid produces a different desired result. While this is partially true, I would say that in MOST CASES results are determined like this.

    20% drugs used
    80% training and diet.

    How you train, and what you eat will determine your gains. Not which drugs you take. I know guys who take DECA and D-BOL on a restricted diet with additional cardio and they get LEAN.

    I dont' know how much you know about steroids but TYPICALLY deca and d-bol are reserved for bulking cycles, SPECIALLY Deca.

    A low to moderate dose of testosterone stacked with some winny OR primo OR masteron would probably be ideal for your goals tho bro. But don't think for a second that these drugs will do it for ya. Once diet and training are PERFECT then use 'roids, otherwise you'll be disappointed with ANY cycle.

    Take care.
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    Search: EPO doping...good luck finding it.
  6. winstrol
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    thanks. that makes sense to me. i was just curious and appreciate your input
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  8. run faster = w i n s t r o l = ben johnson

    also oral turinabol would be good for running
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    I thought winny kills your joints. Why would you use it to run faster?
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    If you want to try something different before running gear.... look up GW1516. It's supposed to increase exercise endurance as well as help you burn fat.

    If in fact the information I read is accurate, and it does increase your endurance... run longer, carry a weight vest, and a big camel pak. Run weighted for a couple weeks and watch how much faster you run when you drop the weight vest.

    I have no personal experience with this product, but ... I am considering it.

    Let me know. Cheers. :)
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    Ignoring the usual responses from people who use AAS purely for cosmetic reasons for a better reflection or due to reverse anorexia Winstrol worked for Ben Johnson, Oxandrolone, Methasterone, oral turinabol, anything that doesn't aromatise and has a good anabolic:androgenic ratio would be beneficial.

    Endurance, both in terms of muscular and cardiovascular on the other hand is a slightly different thing.

    A minimal dose of testosterone would probably be beneficial, not much more than normal physiological range though, don't for a second even contemplate the 500mg - 1g / week doses that cosmetic bodybuilders use, accompanied by something as above that's highly anabolic and minimally androgenic.

    Source for this post is the fascinating book on steroids and athletic performance that I just read. Most of the posts on forums like these will inevitably be from guys noshing a ton of test to get big and look good - not the aim of AAS use for athletic purposes bar perhaps power lifting and the like.
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    thank you! my interest in AAS is not for cosmetic reasons, but like you said, athletics. i really want to improve my running and endurance, and this interests me. what is the name of the book?
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    Like I said before EPO. You want to be a world class endurance athlete, maybe you should look at what they use.
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    i looked it up and i'm reading up on it now. thanks :)
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    to improve your running and endurance the only thing that will help you is PRACTICE... Gaining endurance isnt something you can "take a pill for" or "pin" for. You have to practice keeping your heart rate elevated for periods of times etc... this will help your indurance...
    ex: Sprints, runing up stairs, etc..
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    Ben Johnson was a sprinter, this guy is talking about improving 2-4 mile runs. Completely Different.
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    agreed! And im sure Ben Johnson had a lot of training under his belt BEFORE he ever took winstrol.. its not a magic drug...

    Winstrol while running 4 miles everyday?? Might be a little harsh on your joints
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    EPO can be very dangerous. You have to ask yourself if the risk is worth it. If it would mean the difference in winning the olympics, tour-de-france, etc. I would understand. Are you willing to risk your health for a 1st place plaque for the local 5k run?

    As far as steroids are concerned, a mild, non-aromatizing cycle might help you recover quicker so you can train harder. To be good at endurance runs, you have to train your heart, and have the genetics that allow your joints to take a beating without causing problems.
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    Yeah, actually winstrol would be about the worst thing you could take because of your joints. Just like any steroid, I'm sure it gave Johnson more explosive, powerful fast twitch muscles.
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    thanks guys for your responses. i just wanted to make it clear, i was just asking what could potentially help me and what others have used that with that goal in mind. i'm not going to run out tomorrow and jump on the juice. i'm just educating myself right now and trying to learn what i can

    and i know how to naturally improve my running and conditioning. but what if i've plateaued? thats why i'm researching how to take it further. thanks guys for your responses