what da bumbloodclot

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    Theres no studs on reddit! Checkmate!
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    I thought that blood clots when it comes in contact with oxygen? Are you saying the the blood under the skin never clots?

    Oh snap, so now it does clot? Hmm... I am CONFUSED xD

    Double snap! Now we are back to the blood from bruises NOT clotting? Hmm, first you said it didn't clot, then you said it did clot, then you go back to saying it doesn't clot.

    Let me tell you something, ALL blood clots. A bruise is clotted blood underneath the skin. ;)
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    Given the name of this thread......you might be on to something.

    Meso sleuths at work!
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    What the HELL is going on here?? This who thread is making my head explode. Nothing is adding up here, it’s like a child walking in at the end of a movie and asking “what happened?”
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    Real funny you be and I don't really know this wolfgain cat.
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    You are on the North East coast aren't you? New Jersey maybe?
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    Yes but not in NJ.
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    All blood will clot...WHEN IT DOESN'T MOVE.

    If you're too dumb to understand the difference between a subcutaneous "blood clot" (aka bruise) vs a veinous blood clot (aka clot) you're probably too stupid to inject steroids without dying. Sorry, but that's the honest truth. When people are referring to life threatening clots, they're referring to clotting withing the vascular system. Bruises...blood that is outside the vein...makes fuck all difference when it clots. No way to get to the lungs or brain and cause an embolism or stroke.

    Either you're a troll or a retard. Either way I'm done with this one
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    So when I donate blood, they don't have to use anticoagulatory drugs to keep the donated blood from clotting? Since the blood isn't moving?

    Also, when I draw blood by myself, the 18 gauge butterfly will actually stop producing the same output of blood after a while. It is because the blood is clotting...

    Oh okay, I am the dumb one...

    So blood does clot now again? You keep on changing your "story"

    Okay! I was going to get that GarlicChicken avatar for you, would you use it?
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    Sworder is the resident meso idiot.
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    Yes your donated blood will clot if it does not move, they use calcium citrate to prevent clotting.

    Reason they put people on blood thinners for a.fib? Cause the blood doesn’t move in the atrium and leads to clots...
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    Why doesn't donated blood clot while it's in the bag? Or does it?
    Anatomy & Physiology Circulatory System
    1 Answer

    The bag of blood used to store the donated blood contains anticoagulants which prevent clotting of the infused blood.

    The blood is usually stored in a flexible plastic bag that contains sodium citrate, phosphate, dextrose and sometimes adenine. This combination keeps the blood from clotting and preserves it during storage.

    Also the blood is stored in a refrigerator under controlled temperature to prevent any damage to the blood.
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    What are you trying to do?
    Educate me?:p
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    I've come to this conclusion lol
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    Thank you. I couldn't go any further lol
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    You aren't being very nice to me :(
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    Is this ur alpha prison bitch comedy special? Bro I'm a demolition man way before I even got in the gym. Put it this way, I'm a linebacker and you're a wide receiver running to catch attention that will never matter on a forum. You're a sofaking.
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    It's jamaican, bumbloodclot, figured all you decrepid has-beens retired and toured the islands enough to pick up something other than a heat stroke
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    Silly thread name for a life threatening issue, and you expect people to take you seriously? Especially when you answer like that.

    Most of us "has been types" have kids and families we give a fuck about. That's why we're here.

    Maybe we take our health and lives seriously because we have families counting on us?

    You post like that and expected the internet to take you seriously....good luck.

    If you don't take your health seriously, why the fuck should we?
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    Oh I'm sorry did I cross a line now after you piggybacked on irons comment and now you're signaling for reinforcements? Give me a break dude nobody gives a shit about your pride, you guys can tag in your buttbuddies all u want but at the end of the day it's every man for himself, and nomatter how I worded this thread it wouldn't have gone any other way