what da bumbloodclot

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    I dont think he is jumping in for me, rather just summing up the fact that most of us have family and important shit to care for in our lives. Obviously with your personality and behavior that you dont have anyone or anything important in yours. That's why we care for our health and why you are a retard.
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    Not the way I see it.
    He came out the woodwork to give his criticism and I threw it back in his face then he took the emotional highroad, except one thing, successful aas use isn't exclusive to age so you can't play that card. I can respect wisdom and experience all day but at the same time there's little excuse for error because of all the research made available online.
    I said it before I jumped the gun on my what I thought was an error, I got backlash, I asked advice on thinning blood with alcohol, more backlash, so I received useless info on top of being ridiculed, nope, I go for the throat.
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    Haha. I am new to Meso. I tagged no one. No one tagged me. That being said I love crass humor! From my perspective you were not taking things seriously When people gave advice you didn't seem to want to hear it. Also wisdom does come with age, so does a respect for my family. Also the whole 5 accounts and being a sponsor ....hard to take shit seriously. I have been on here a whole 15 days longer than you. I am very new to AAS but am fully capable of understanding the seriousness of blood clots. Also yes if you had worded it differently it would have gone completely different. I myself asked for help here and got great responses! I made a very newbie mistake, and got it squared away and confirmed it at the doctor! I'm sure you could simply check my post history and see that. As for going for my throat.... Lol it's the internet. The second dark humor is involved I will always try to be there. I mean you no Ill will and sincerely hope that your "bumbloodclot" ( bum blood clot) sorts itself out. Hope you can see why I had no choice but to bring that "subtle" play on words to light given the previous posts :)

    Cheers and enjoy your tequila
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    If you're sincere then I can humble myself and commend you for it, I don't take any pride in being a keyboard warrior I'm just standing my ground when I'm being chastised. I was speaking indirectly to save time addressing other replies about tagging and the sort, other than that I know I pissed alot of older guys off here, i won't walk it back, I may never see my 40's or 50's. Anyway I wanted this thread removed. I'm sure I don't have to say it but obviously I'm not a sponsor.

    I Just wanted camaraderie and my attitude follows accordingly to how these captain mesos respond
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