What do you do when injured or sick?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Sparkyp, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. Sparkyp

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    I’m struggling a bit. I haven’t really trained in about 7 weeks. (Fighting a inflammatory heart condition) I understand this isn’t a typical torn bicep or something but I am on trt (170mg) and hcg. I feel myself getting soft and I’ve decrease calories, carbs, etc.

    My question is what do you guys do when you have a severe injury? Do you still cruise even if you can’t train?

    I can’t even walk for periods longer than 10 minutes right now. I can’t do anything physical. Any suggestions to keep some of my bumble gains? Or just ride this out and jump back in when I’m better?
  2. JackSmooth

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    The last thing you want on top of that is your hormones crashing so yes, continue to cruise. Don’t worry about losing too much. Get back to being healthy and you’ll gains back whatever you lost quickly because of muscle memory.
  3. Demondosage

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    Find a new hobby to devote tour attention to right now. If you cannot walk more than 10 minutes then I don't see training with weights being safe right now. I wouldn't do it anyways
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  4. Perrin Aybara

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    When I'm injured I find ways to work around it and even if I couldn't train I'd still cruise. If I couldn't walk for periods longer than ten minutes I guess I'd catch up on my reading and video gaming until my situation improved.
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    Ok. Thanks.
    Yeah this isn’t heart disease or blocked arteries but it is inflammation which typically goes away and has in the past for me for 4 years before returning. This time is different. Much worse. I can walk around the house or do errands just fine but if I want to do like a 1 mile walk with the dog after dinner forget it.

    Just didn’t know what you guys did to avoid losing most of what you gained. I’m in a unique situation though.

    I couldn’t imagine stopping the test treatment since before I was an emotional mess. I feel so calm now. Just didn’t know if it contributed to me getting softer since I’m not training.

    Good advise though. Thanks
  6. tengtren

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    as others have said essentially focus on your health, get right, then get back to work.

    yes keep your hormone replacement

    read, find something your curious about and learn as much about it as you can

    don't worry so much about calories but more about quality of foods in healthy proportion not bodybuilding proportion. assuming your working with a health professional with your condition you should also be doing your own research on things you can do supplementation wise to increase your health.
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  7. Sparkyp

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    Yes I am.
    And thanks for the reply.
    I’m taking traditional medication and trying to fight it holistically.
  8. MindlessWork

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    After nearly tearing apart my left arm in a gym accident nearly 2 years ago I still kept training but had to decrease the tempo and the weight but did more lower body training plus cardio until my arm healed enough to rehab it. Always found workarounds in order to keep powering forward.

    To OP, it sucks having any sort of heart issues and hopefully you can beat that so you can make a solid recovery and getting back to gains.
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  9. Sparkyp

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    Thanks man.
    And yes, I have shoulder issues and I was able to get creative and work around it. This I can’t unfortunately.
    What’s hard is my mind is fresh and ambitious. I feel good for a week then go in and do a light arm workout which puts a little strain on me and it just aggravates this condition.
    It’s hard mentally to give up my routine. I truly fell in love with this lifestyle and it kills me to ride the bench.
    Just a massive setback
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  10. movingiron88

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    Hey what is the underlying condition, or cause of the inflammation? Is it auto immune?
  11. SuperSwede

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    @Sparkyp - Hope you be better soon.
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  12. Sparkyp

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    It’s most likely from a virus although it could be Autoimmune
  13. Sparkyp

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    Thanks superswede
  14. Btcowboy

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    @Sparkyp I was just about to pm you and ask how you were doing. Sorry to hear it's not healed yet. Just take it easy and get back to 100%. You will be so eager to get going once you can that you will kill it in the gym.
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  15. Sparkyp

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    Thanks cowboy.
    How’s your progress coming? I’ve been popping in and out of your thread. Feeling good on cycle?
  16. Burrr

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    I always end up spending way too much time on meso and my other forums.
    Rest is ok.
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  17. Btcowboy

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    It's coming along nicely, numbers are up and feeling good. Just finished a 1 week deload and back at it full speed this week.

    It's funny I am 6 weeks in on my blast and already planning finishers, next blast, and not wanting this one to end lol.
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  18. Sparkyp

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    Awesome. Glad your doing well. Looking forward to seeing the progress. Once I’m recovered I’ll be training probably for a while without anything but once I’m ready I’m sure I’ll be picking your brain
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  19. MindlessWork

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    Yep I do the same when sick in bed with the nastiest flu ever. Got to keep my spirits up!
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