what do you think of my unorthodox training style

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by clayface91, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. clayface91

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    Will probably get roasted for this but whatever, don't give fvck. So it's like this, I work a physical job, and over time have found that this interferes significantly with my recovery. Which btw I have shitty recovery even with a good diet and tons of protein. If I go to the gym after work on a weekday I rarely ever make a PR. So what I do is on Sundays, because that's the time of the week when I have had the most rest, I do a fullbody workout that lasts 2.5 hrs. Here is an example of how the workout usually goes. All exercises are done til failure. I feel overtrained on this routine, like I'm literally sore the entire week. But keep in mind that I've tried various different routines and this has given me the most results. I've gained my last 40 lbs by doing this routine. However I've plateaued and not sure where to go from here...

    lying rdelt raise 1 set
    rdelt machine 1set
    squat (or deadlift) 2 sets
    leg ext 2 sets
    GHR 1 set
    lying ham curl 1 set
    seated ham curl 1 set
    smith calf raise 2 sets
    seated calf raise 2 sets
    t bar row 2 sets
    db shrugs 1 set
    lat pulldown 2 sets
    db bench press 1 set
    cable crossover 2 sets
    tri pushdown 1 set
    tri kickback 1 set
    tri extension 1 set
    bicep curls 2 sets
    low ab raise 1 set
    oblique twist 1 set
    crunches 1 set
  2. BigNattyDaddy

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    Try different excercises with a different amount of reps and sets.
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  3. showstoppa

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    So are you using any type of progressive overload on this? If so how? What is your periodization like?

    Essentially I am wondering what kind of loading parameters and progressions you are using.

    Personally I think it's shit from a traditional scientific approach, but what in the hell do I know, you gained 40 lbs off of it so you are responding to it well.40 lbs is more than most gain in two or three years.

    When somebody gains that well off if a program I tend to not change things once they plateau. I tell people to up their sleep, you will be amazed what 10 hours nightly will do for you. Add 100g of protein 3-4 times a week is usually my. Next suggestion, even up to 7 times a week. If that doesn't work, as tbsp of evoo or avocado oil in your shakes until you start gaining again.
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    Wow, 10 hours of sleep sounds amazing!!
    I’m lucky to get 4 or 5 hours.
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  5. clayface91

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    Idk what you mean by loading parameters and all that, basically I just go to failure, and so sometimes I get more reps than last week, sometimes I don't. I never understood the programs and stuff where they tell you you have to increase the weight by this much each week or whatever because like why would I do that if I can't perform a real repetition. like if I can't do it with good form why would I even do it and cheat just to say that I did it and adhere to that program? That's what happened to me when I tried the five by five routine it tells you to increase by a couple pounds or so every week or whatever and it ended up with me just breaking down my form because I had to cheat to adhere to that progression.
  6. brutus79

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    What are you taking in daily for protein carbs and fat?
    What gear are you running, how much gear are you running and how long have you been running it?
    Do you eat during this workout?
    What do you mean by plateau? You cant move more weight? Or you cant do more reps? Or your body weight isnt going up?
    What is your approximate body fat?
    How much did you weigh before you gained 40 lbs?
    Did your body fat increase or decrease?
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  7. Nolij

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    Is it working for you ?
  8. brutus79

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    He said he plateaued. #readfirstpostafter
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  9. Dw725

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    If I could only train 1-3 days a week, I'd train full body. It's all about exercise efficiency, choosing the lifts that give you the most bang for your buck. Then optimize the recovery, and let it roll.

    It's easy to get caught up on the idea that more is better, when that isn't always the case in weight lifting.

    Granted, I wouldn't want to train like this for long periods of time. I enjoy being in the gym too much, so 1 hour 5-6 days a week is what I stick to.
  10. clayface91

    clayface91 Junior Member

    210 lbs Idk maybe 25% BF
    I eat more some days depending on how hungry I am. My body fat increased a little over those 40 lbs but no more than 5% increase. I put on fat easily btw and have a hard time losing it. I'm on test E, ran 250mg for like 2 months then bumped it to 500mg about a month ago so that's still building up I guess. The test is legit but really hasn't done wonders for recovery like I imagined. Did make some initial gains from it though, 10lbs maybe. I am stuck at the same weight for the same amount of reps.
  11. brutus79

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    You are victim of your own apathy. If you don't take things seriously expect subpar results. Your body fat is high and you are gaining more fat. Since you don't take the time to program out anything for training or a cycle I think your macros are suspect... I doubt you are weighing food and ignoring so much other basic stuff. I'm honestly not sure what the point of your post was... were you looking for someone to cosign the practice? You should be around 180 lbs. My guesses are your protein is way under 300, your carbs are higher than you stated. If you do the work out with the same exercises in the same order, minimal sets... I know why you are gaining fat and not gaining strength. There are work out programs because work out programs work. Those programs work because they split the load and allow you to hit muscle groups fresh each day you train. There are steroid cycles because steroid cycles work. Just throwing some test for the heck of it for months, then doubling because it isn't doing what you think it should is not a cycle.

    Join a crossfit gym for a few months... lose some fat and get an idea of what consistency looks like. Stay off the juice. Progressive load results, heavy weight totals- they don't come from doing whatever you feel like doing so don't bother.
  12. clayface91

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    Lol ah shut up you loser get a life before you just start spreading negativity on the internet. You guessed wrong. I do weigh out absolutely everything on a scale and measuring cups. And yes those macros are accurate. But you wouldn't know that. And that is exactly how I planned the cycle, I wanted to see how 250mg would affect my body before going on the typical 500mg. I've spent years learning about gear, but I don't have to prove anything to some guy on a forum. By the way I did gain a lot of strength and muscle doing this with yes some fat as well. I never asked for advice. The purpose of this post was just to see if anyone else has done a similar routine and your contribution really added nothing but negativity. .
  13. showstoppa

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    Dude seriously? He was giving you legit advice after your bullshit post about how adding weight each workout is stupid or too hard.

    Apparently you don't want advice though. You do you brother, but don't ask for advice and get mad when he gives it to you.

    He said that because you said you were 25% body fat. In our experience when people start that, it's usually about 30-35% when measured accurately. So you are carrying 70lbs or so of fat which leaves you with 140-150 lbs of lean body mass. Decent for a natural trainee but shit for somebody that is juicing. On top of that you admitted to not gaining strength and that progressive overload principles are too hard.

    Also in our experience most people don't weigh their food. He made an assumption, maybe he was wrong. But If he was and your macros are accurate....well you aren't gaining because you are so focused on eating things like chicken and brown rice you are missing out on what you should be taken in. Steak, fuck tons of steak.

    Dunno why I am typing this, you are lost cause. And honestly you should apologize to @brutus79 as he is a very respected member here and helps many people out. He is also a out twice your size and lifts prolly three times what you do, so you should prolly fucking listen to the man as he has an idea of what he is talking about.
  14. showstoppa

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    So in other words it's hard and you don't wanna put in the work. They tell you to add weight because when in a positive nitrogen balance gains in strength equals gains in muscle. They tell you to do it because it fucking works.

    I'm sure you know more than the best coaches, trainers and athletes in the world though.

    Honestly I was going to give constructive criticism but you had to go off being a fucking dick to Brutus, so as far as I am concerned enjoy your massive 140 lbs of lean muscle. I'm sure you are on your way to being the next Jeff Seid.

    And you say you weren't asking for advice, just others that do the same type of routine....well you won't find many people here who do that. Why? Because we try to steer people to proven programs written by the best in the world at what they do that focus on progressive overload and proper periodization so they aren't wasting their time.

    Have fun looking the same year after year with your "program".
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    "However I've plateaued and not sure where to go from here..."

    That's asking for advice. My advice has now changed... if you spent years learning about gear and came up with two months at 250mg a week at 25% body fat.... suicide is what you need. Lots of it.

    You run a lazy fuck program. One day a week is fucking bullshit- if you ran your program like you run your mouth when you hear a hard truth you might actually get there tough guy!
  16. showstoppa

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    Brutus didn't you know, progressive overload is shit man? All about that form and pump brother. All 150lbs of lean muscle he is carrying is all the proof you need.

    We been doing it wrong with our hard work and shit.
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  17. clayface91

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    Hey, i can see you're butt hurt and that's okay didn't mean to offend your massive ego. if someone gets an attitude they get one back simple as that. Sorry, not sorry. Lol I said 25% to be generous with how much body fat actually, definitely not carrying 70 lbs of fat that would be ridiculous. But then again you guys wouldn't know although you think you know everything so don't let me change your mind. But alright fellas you can try to convince me im skinny fat with no muscle alright that's cool have a nice day broskis.
  18. RowdyGrunt

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    Dude, these guys were offering objective guidance based upon your own words; and you seemed to have gotten upset over not hearing what it was that you may have hoped to have heard. What did you expect? Did you expect that you'd get kudo's for "unorthodox" training?

    Frankly, your training isn't "unorthodox" at all bud; it's simply unorganized, and definitely not systematized. You said that you eat when you're hungry; that's very nonchalant. But then you purport to say you weigh everything and are very precise. You give an approximation on your BF%, but then get pissed when pressed on the issue; and then claim to know exactly where you are on that %.

    Then... there's the gear your using. Your "cycle" isn't thought out at all. No rhyme, no reason, no logic. And when asked by people who have all of that experience, you get pissy. It's not a good look bro.

    I'm a new guy around here, but have been a staff member on a massive board that's no longer around, but was similar in content and demographic. There are a lot of people like you who come in with a grandiose sense of themselves, and it doesn't go well when people offer them objective, and honest feedback. In many cases it's because they're hormones are so out of whack because they're messing with things that they know very little about. You bro, come across a lot like many of those things.

    Good luck dude.
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  19. Eman

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    You forgot dips... What kind of program doesn't have dips in it? That's definitely the problem.
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    I thought it was weighted jumping Jacks missing but I wasn't going to tell him