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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Ice-T4444, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Ice-T4444

    Ice-T4444 Junior Member

    Running my first Cycle with Sust250 at 250g a week.
    My question is if i am taking letro or armidex at a low dose like 0.25 or 0.5 EOD
    should I still do post cycle recovery with some nolva?
  2. Mr Wiggly

    Mr Wiggly Junior Member

    Dont you mean 500mg EW? 250mg EW is low. Use the arimidex not the letro thats more for deca and yes you will need to do a pct with nolva. You could start 10 days after your last shot and run it 40/40/20/20 and you should be fine. That is assuming you bump that sust up to two shots a week for 500mg EW. How long are you planning? 10 weeks?
  3. agpando

    agpando Junior Member

    What are your goals and your stats?
  4. HDH

    HDH Member

    Bro, at 250mg EW I really don't think you will need an AI but keep A-dex around in case. Don't take anything that you don't need.

    Use nolva for pct.

  5. Bigkarch

    Bigkarch Member

    first off bro, I would inject that susty every 3 days...there are fast acting esthers that need that frequency...as far as dex, you may not need it, but just in case I would take .25 mg eod..always have nolva on hand for gyno and you can also use it for pct
  6. Ice-T4444

    Ice-T4444 Junior Member

    ok if you use nolva for gyno, what does the armedex do?
  7. Mr Wiggly

    Mr Wiggly Junior Member

    The arimidex is best for preventing gyno and keeping water retention off. The nolva is best used for the pct. A test only cycle will have my nips rock hard and itching in two weeks if I dont have a-dex. So I start of with .25 EOD or every third. More gear may put me up to ED doses. Rule of thumb should be "dont take anything you dont need". You will know if you need it. Dont even take it unless you have symptoms. Some guys dont get gyno.
  8. Ice-T4444

    Ice-T4444 Junior Member

    cool thank you
    pretty much I get the idea if you start feeling your nips itchey or hard pop some armidex during the cycle. then after your last shoot wait 2-3 weeks then start nolva at 40g for 2 weeks then 20g for 2 weeks.......am I close?????
  9. Mr Wiggly

    Mr Wiggly Junior Member

    Yeah, your warming up.