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    zadok Junior Member

    My FT level will not raise above the bare minimum, TRT, or no TRT. TT can be v high, but FT is always v low. It is not Estrogens causing the prob cause i have eliminated that. SHBG is v.v low also. Scientifically, the test must be going somewhere, or binding to something else, which must be high. My question is what else does test bind to? My Albumin is high normal 46nmol/l (35-50), however i dont think that would be causing this problem, what else could it be?


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    hackskii Member

    testosterone circulates in the blood in two different forms called free and bound.
    About 70-80% of circulating testosterone is bound to a protein named sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG)
    When testosterone is bound to SHBG it is essentially out of action.
    Another 20% or more of circulating testosterone is bound to another protein, albumin.
    Testosterone bound to albumin may be biologically available under certain conditions.
    This leaves only about 1-3% of circulating testosterone as free, which is completely available and potentially active at testosterone target cells.
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    Kanecore Junior Member

    So what can one do if there is excessive levels of albumin boud testosterone? Any medications or herbal relief?
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    hackskii Member

    I actually dont know, I trid to look that one up but got lost in the technical gargen.

    A study in Germany, showed that stinging nettle extract may inhibit the enzyme aromatase.
    Other studies have shown that stinging nettle extract binds to the protein SHBG allowing less testosterone to be bound to SHBG allowing for more free testosterone bioavailability.
    So if stinging nettle hinders aromatization (actually keeping more testosterone around), and less estradiol floating around (which can reduce LH bad for test production), and bind to SHBG which allows more free testosterone to circulate around in the body.

    Not only that stinging nettle is used in Europe for prostate problems and this is also a older mans disease.

    As far as albumin, I really dont know.

    But for me, a good diet is the center of most problems, this is important to keep things that we never hear of like prostaglandins, eicasinoids and other hormonal manufacturers on the cell level.

    Like for instance diets low in fat can yield low test levels.
    Dieting can slow down thyroid.
    Too much belly fat can leave one with high aromatase enzyme and low test levels.
    Too many or wrong selection of carbs too high of insulin.
    Too long on a keto diet can yield high cortisol levels.
    Low levels of zinc will yield low test levels and zinc is a natural aromatase inhibitor.

    See the responces food has on the body for those hormones listed above.
    That was just an example, this list is long.
    Not saying your diet is bad, I was merly using this as an example of what diet does for what.
    There are many more than that in minerals and their deficiencies too.

    Sorry I cant help you other than bumping the thread but I will look into it more, I need to be stimulated to find things.
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    zadok Junior Member

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    jawbone Junior Member

    for me taking propecia caused my Free T to go up by almost double. I know that 5ARs have a bad rap here so I am not telling you that I would rec them but it did have an effect on my Free T. Why I cannot tell you. I do not think that block DHT production would have that much of an impact on Free T levels. If so then an AI would have the same effect.
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    marianco Doctor of Medicine

    Albumin and TRT

    hackskii provided a good answer.

    Total testosterone consists of:
    1. Testosterone strongly bound to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin - inactive
    2. Testosterone weakly bound to Albumin - potentially active
    3. Testosterone which is free - fully active

    Measuring Bioavailable Testosterone (free and weakly bound) is important when questioning the effectiveness of TRT, if free T is low.

    Albumin makes up about 70% of the circulating protein in the blood. It is highly important to maintain blood pressure and to transport other substances.

    By weakly binding Testosterone, Albumin protects Testosterone from being destroyed in the liver. Free Testosterone itself may last only about 70 minutes before being destroyed. Testosterone bound to Albumin may be considered the body's way to create a natural extended-release form of testosterone - just as medications often come in an extended-release version.

    High albumin level is primarily associated with dehydration.

    Dehydration and high albumin level is one possible clue that adrenal fatigue or insufficiency is occurring. In adrenal fatigue or insufficiency, besides cortisol and DHEA, not enough aldosterone is produced. Aldosterone is important in maintaining sodium level, fluid and salt balance in the body, maintaining blood pressure.

    Adrenal fatigue or insufficiency may contribute to sexual dysfunction (and other conditions) and can lower testosterone production.

    (also reposted in adrenal thread)

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