What exercises are essential to your physique

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by 350lift, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. 350lift

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    For me- squats, barbell flat, machine flys, close grip, skullcrushers

    those are the ones I’ve so far felt are necessary for me.
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  2. You wont realize your true strength potential until you add Deadlifts. I avoided them for years , but once I committed myself to them it changed me forever . It causes a strengthening effect thru-out the whole body. Do deads for a month or two and see how you feel . Start (lite)with 135lbs and go from there ;)
  3. 350lift

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    Already deadlifting bro, do love em, nothin feels like em
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  4. I used to do squats twice a week , now I squat once a week and deadlifts once a week . Better results !!
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  5. Perrin Aybara

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    Squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press, chin/pull up, and row.
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  6. 350lift

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    Interesting why you think that is?
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  7. Squats and deadlifts are basically the same exercise done differently . If you do squats with dumbbells by your side , is it squatting or is it a deadlift ? Its the same , the weight is just in a different placement than a barbell.
  8. 350lift

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    Ahh that’s a good point yeah I’ve noticed that, my squat and deadlift both progress better when I’m doing both exercises.
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  9. Mac11wildcat

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    For most people, what’s “essential” is what provides some good usable strength and major motor recruitment. IE the lifts already mentioned.

    where I think most people fall off after that is picking the correct accessory isolation stuff to compliment their physique. That’s when things diversify for everybody.
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  10. 350lift

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    Highly agree. I respond really well to skull crushers and pushdowns, not so much extensions think that’s what u mean
  11. Sworder

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    I think you can do whatever you want. As long as you feel it in the intended muscle.

    There is too much hype for certain exercises. And my thinking is "Can you tell on a person's physique what exercises they do?"
    If it were true, you would see a big difference. Which isn't true.

    You can't tell if a dude does incline bench press for example by looking at their chest.
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  12. Fryguy

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    Banded pullovers, meadows rows, and straight arm pulldowns helped developed my lats a lot. Thanks John Meadows.
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  13. Brandaddy

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    Not sure if you could call what I have a physique. But it was 90% built with squats, bench, deads, pullups, pushdowns and db curls.
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  14. Sworder

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    Hmm you look better than 99% of the American population, so yeah. That's a physique!
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  15. Perrin Aybara

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    Same here and I don't even do curls or push downs very often.
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  16. Switcher

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    Way too much hype. No single exercise is key to everything and this includes squat and deadlift.
  17. Sworder

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    Agree 100%
  18. Endure

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    Everything has it's place however I think two very underrated exercises are forward leaning dips and weighted pull ups for overall upper body.
  19. DonaldPump123

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    I always say do what you FEEL the best. People get so caught up in what they read online like "You gotta bench to build a big chest" lol My dad never really felt bench presses and built a massive chest which is still massive to this day (63 years old) with almost exclusively cable flys. Dave Polumbo talks about how he built his 22 inch arms with one arm cable curls. Just a few examples I can think of
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