What generics that are comparable to pharma/GMP-quality HGH?

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    Hi, so you all probably know in 2017 or 2018 TP replaced his old greys lowkey with a new different greytop.

    I'm trying to find a generic brand that's comparable to those "old greys" from TP. Mind if ya'll lead me to some sources with high purity and zero/almost zero dimer? It can cost 250 a kit, i don't mind, what's some sources that are the closest to GMP/pharma quality (or even better, generics that are actually GMP sourced)?

    I looked around the forum, and found some brand...
    Would you say these are pretty close to GMP/pharma quality?:

    let me know your opinions of each

    And how is TP's 'new' greytops? Water on mauves and blacks for me is awful- do the greys have water? I seen a few tests.. higher dimer on greys than blacks, not looking too good

    And thank you all! Appreciate it
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    Ah yes, the guy that doesn’t train but uses 10iu.

    This isn’t how we do things. This is just a glorified “give me the gtg.”

    Some sources claim GMP facility, most don’t. Testing is all but required here. Go look...
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    HGHDaddy for the win
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    My apologies. I know I am stupid, established that in the old thread already :/

    And it's more of a "can't find enough sources, so if you know some can you help out" instead of a gtg. I haven't decided what to use yet. So far I only found Opti's to be verbally claimed as GMP, nothing else so far, i trying to look more but no luck. I don't really care if it's not actually GMP, but "which sources claim to be GMP" is what i'm askin here

    I just want people's knowledge to recommend some sources that "actually claim to be GMP". But thank you for the response, I agree in these days testing is all but required so I would love anecdotes and knowledge generously given to an uneducated non-steroid user like me :]

    forgive me plz 4 bein retard and using 12 ius a day... i dropped to 3-4iu about a month after that post anyways
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    Opti has a thread, a sizable one IIRC. Go flip through his intro, look at testing images, and sort through a few Recent pages. Should tell you all you need. Repeat for other sources.
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    I would choose the ones used as Pharma in China:
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    Thank you, but I want "generics" that happened to be made in a GMP facility or claim to be made in a GMP factory at least. Not interested in actual pharma, the ones you listed are real chiense pharma. For price reasons. If i can afford ansomone and jintropin i might as well get humatrope or something instead for almost same price
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    Optis are 99.235% no dimmer 10.24iu I believe. they’re about 250$ Canadian. These would be they grey tops, the blue tops are testing about 94% I think with some dimmer content.. a little cheaper to get those blue 240 IU kits .. but I personally think quality over quantity when it comes to this stuff..
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    All the HGH is fake except for Pharma. You would have to go to Kuwait and train there. That’s why they are all so big, they are the only ones with real gear. All the gear anywhere else is just fake, under dosed or test prop. Everyone that posts online is just a shill and will rip you off. Generic HGh is some funny chinese formula that mimics HGH on a test and give the same sides it’s a secret substance that no one has ever had tested but has been around for decades. Even the IGF 1 and the HGH serum tests are fooled by this secret invention of those really smart Chinese’s Chemists that invented it. I’m sorry to break it to you but this is gospel on Internet forums with zero proof but we all believe it and repeat it. So you might as well just hang it up or move to Kuwait
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    Hahahaha! :)

  11. zerodiddy

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    u prob right. i find it hard to believe billion dolla pharma companies spend millions on research and shit makin a e coli that spawns gh and some random chinese factory can do the same.. its either real gh or a igf raising fake gh serum raising with water retaining molecules tbh
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  13. He was being sarcastic bro...
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    Agree with this. I have used all of these along with Angtropin and all are gtg. As effective as any pharma grade gear Ive used and Ive use Humatrope and Serostim.


    why is this so hard to fathom? Recombinanat DNA technology is nothing new. They've been using it for decades to mske insulin and hGH all over the world. All you need is some purified ecoli and a plasmid to inject into the ecoli to tell it to make somatropin instead of copies of itself. Its not that complicated and I would imagine that the equipment and staff to run it would be less than $1M USD. Ive used lots of Chinese hGH. In fact its all I use now. Not generic but Recombinant hGH called Qitope. Ive used Serostim and Nutropin and did not notice any difference.