What graph/calculator are you guys using

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by gainzoclock, Feb 18, 2020.

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    Just inject it and be consistent. Fucking half life calculators. No ifbb pro or even a big guy in the gym uses a half life calculator. Take drugs train and eat.
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    I've never used one in my life.

    Pick an injection frequency that ensures a healthy overlap of the half lives of the compounds that you're using and concentrate on eating and training.

    I swear, if people put half the effort into training and diet as they do overcomplicating their cycles, we'd have a bunch of Mr. Olympias running around.

    Your body's natural test levels vary widely; why do people have such a boner over the whole "stable blood levels" thing?
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    Speak for yourself. Some of us can do more things with our brain than just eat and train lol.
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    Just for your reference, he's referring to homebrew calculators - which are extremely handy to use for brewing.
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    No hes not. I use homebrew calculators
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    You're right, I apologize - must have skimmed a little too fast there. There is a similarly named site that was also down a few weeks ago that's for homebrewing, got them mixed up. Actually, I always got those two mixed up... Only one letter that's different.
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    Assimilation of injection is not linear, but, they give an idea of blood levels. They are allright for finding similar blood level dosing for different esters of same compound.
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