What happens to dissolved HGH after 6 days at room temperature (22C)?

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    This sample talked in this thread Does shaking hurt HGH? was left 6 days at temperature controlled (22 C or 72 F) room.

    What happened to it?


  2. janoshik

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    Raw data for those curious fellas.

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    Doesn't do so will does it. Thx for that report J
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    Have you done a comparison on a vial that's been refrigerated for 6 days after being reconstituted?
  5. janoshik

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    Nope. Might do at some point.
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    So this means all the black tops i have from years ago unconstituted in the freezer might just be a pile of poo
  7. Huh? These results are from a reconstituted vial that sat in a warm room. The complete opposite of what you got going on.
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    I would love to see what happens with a vial that's been reconstituted and put in the fridge for six days I wonder how much degraded it will be if any, that warm weather fucking destroys it pretty wild , thanks for doing the research jano I have all my shit in the fridge but I have a shit ton of humas and Geno's in the fridge in another like 6 months and there coming up on there experaition dates , sucks I haven't used them cause the damn gyms are still closed
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    You need some help using them before they expire I got you bro
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    Thank you for this, Jano.

    I, too, would love to see a test on a 6 day old refrigerated sample, for comparison.
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    Awesome, thanks for doing this @janoshik . Very interesting, you definitely are a valuable member here. :cool:
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    Very informative