What happens to dissolved HGH after 7 days in a fridge?

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by janoshik, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. janoshik

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    Freshly dissolved GH:

    Janoshik Analytical
    6,41 mg, 97,881% pure.

    GH stored in fridge for 4 days:

    Janoshik Analytical
    6,43 mg, 96,013% pure

    GH stored in fridge for 7 days:

    Janoshik Analytical
    6,42 mg, 95,819% pure

    Obviously, the dosages are within margin of error, but the point is pretty damn obvious - the degradation in fridge is barely noticeable.

    It is important to consider what effect do the preservatives in the vial have, though - this particular vial of JanoTropin(tm) has good composition of preservatives and fillers. Other products might not last that long, but I wouldn't expect the differences to be major within a span of one week.
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    The purity of most GH I've seen tests of on Meso has been 97% up to nearly 99%, but if the latter degraded to the purity of the former after a week in the fridge, would vials containing less iu's (let's say 10iu vs 24iu) that would be used up more quickly & thus have less time to degrade be generally preferable?

    I'm not sure if 1-2% percent difference in purity actually matters in any regard but it does seem to be what GH quality is measured by by the community mostly.
  3. janoshik

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    Well, this shows that even 20 IU vial, if used at 3 ius/day is pretty much not influenced by degradation.

    I wouldn't care about degradation with refrigerated HGH at all.

    I might even test this in a week again if I'm in the country - just to see.
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    Thanks for doing this. Some peptides that aren't used daily expire before the whole vial is used. Can they be frozen to preserve them or can something else be done?
  5. janoshik

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    No, generally that fucks with peptides and proteins :(
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    Well shit. They should make some of them in one or two dose vials.
  7. Big Ian

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    Thanks very much @janoshik for this, very interesting.

    I’d be very interested to see what happened at room temperature after several days if you ever are able to do that experiment. I believe degradation in that situation is massively overstated from my own personal experience when I haven’t been able to store gh/peptides/hcg in there once reconstituted due to personal reasons at various times.
  8. I would like to see it after 90 days in the fridge and see if there’s anything left. Thanks For doing this test.
  9. teejey

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    I actually left a reconstituted vial in the fridge for like 6 months it looked like a ball of cotton formed and was floating in the back water.