What if I just pop Dbol just once?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by vitamin_S, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. vitamin_S

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    [​IMG] What if I just pop Dbol just once? It's my last week of my 12 week cycle of test enanthate and deca. Gained about 8 lbs. Just wondering what would happen if I just pop one 30mg dbol, just once this week? or maybe the whole last week? Just curious. I know. I'm a curious cat. Don't laugh ok?
  2. DrinkFlintWater

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    Youll gain roughly 3.7 lbs in lean muscle mass.
  3. Not much
  4. CAswole

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    What kind of question is this
  5. ickyrica

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    It'll make your trolling slow down.
  6. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Well that’s what Bruce Jenner use to do and look how well that worked out. I say go for it bro.
  7. Mighty-mouse

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    Flaccid penis size will lengthen by .25 inch

    Full erect penis size will be increased by .678 inches

    Girth will increase by .15 inches
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  8. Delt123

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  9. You might get a boost in strength, but that's probably about it.
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  10. vitamin_S

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    The reason why I asked is because I wanna use it on a short term thing, like on a lifting competition to get a little edge. Not trying to troll. I actually have a sense of humor. But I'm not trolling
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  11. vitamin_S

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    So like a nice workout boost huh...but it shouldn't be short term as it was designed for 4-5 weeks?
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  12. Perrin Aybara

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    Use Halo or Anadrol even.
  13. i've never ran it for less than 5-6 weeks, but from what i've read, it can be used for a once and awhile strength boost.
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  14. Test_Subject

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    If you want a pwo boost Anadrol or halo are much better options.

    Dbol doesn't do a whole lot unless taken consistently for a week or two, in my experience.
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    12 weeks on deca ?? You better go longer make it worthwhile
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  16. Mighty-mouse

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    I got pics to prove
  17. vitamin_S

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  18. vitamin_S

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    I bought Halo! just good timing.
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  19. penche

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    If I’m only doing once or few times I crush my halo and snort it.

    I kid...:oops:
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    Your dick will rot away
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