what is the best time get blood test for testostorne levels?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by the/rock, Aug 30, 2006.

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    the/rock Junior Member

    I am on 250mg enthante a week .trt therapy.
    On my second week so going for tests soon.
    I was wanting to know when the best time to get
    blood tests done for levels of test .I have looked on
    the internet and what i have learnt is the test levels
    peak at 24 to 48 hours after jab and are at there lowest
    the day before next jab.I am going to ask the doctor if i can
    test 48 hours after first test and on the morning of my jab.
    (blood test are cheap in my counry).to get an adverage of
    testostorne to see the difference and how much enthante
    a week a will need to get me in a good range ,good energy
    ,increased libido,fat loss etc, with out side effects.I have a
    great doctor!!
    What do you think?:)
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    zumper Junior Member

    My previous endo told me 8-10 a.m.What levels you have pre TRT,how old are you?
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    pmgamer18 Member

    I have allways done my testing the day of my next shot do the blood test first thing in the morning and do the shot when I get home.
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    the/rock Junior Member

    thanks for reply
    I have had 10,11,13,11 on tests range is 10-28 nmol/L for testosterone
    and 393,409 range 250-800 pmol/L for free testosterone these tests
    have been over the last few years when i was 24 years old i am now 28 years old.
    low energy,libido,recovery from gym.The doctors a crab they just say deal with
    it ,it must be stress,your diet !! I look at them and laugh!! I am 6foot 102 kgs
    12% body fat and they tell me it is diet , when they are 75 kgs at 25% body fat!!
    Now i have been to mens clinic and they are awsome!!! They are willing to
    work together to get the best outcome for me!
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    the/rock Junior Member

    hi guys
    Whats happening???
    I thought this site would help!!!
    We have all these problems of low test,etc and all the advice based
    on blood tests ,but no one can reply to with any information on when to
    get blood tests to show an accorect report!!! Can any one tell me or show
    sites or qutoe information and source!!!
    It seems there is more interest in penis inlargement ,bumps
    on your penis and other rubbish!!!
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    MDLV Junior Member

    It was well put above- the day of your injection, but not after the injection. When your testosterone level is the highest, is referred to as the "peak." When your testosterone level is the lowest, is referred to as the "trough." The day of your injection, before you do the injection, you are in the trough. I recommend having your blood drawn during the trough period because it will show your doc what state your levels are in when they are at their lowest. If you have them done during your peak, he will assume the results are your new "low" levels, when in reality they are not.;)

    As far as penis size goes, it is a simple rule! Stick with women who are of smaller frame than yourself and relatively lean and it won't be an issue! In fact, there will be times she will ask you to relax a bit or get on top because you are ramming her cervix! Also remember that the magic is in the clitoris which is on the exterior! This is why some women rather have other women pleasure them, because they understand this! Its all in the clit! Constant stimulation- not too soft, not too hard.
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    the/rock Junior Member

    thanks for your reply!!
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    Matt Muscle

    Matt Muscle Junior Member

    Why are you on 250mgs of enanthate a week?... this sounds more like a light steriod cycle than hormone replacement.

    As you are just 28, has the reason for your low testosterone been determined?

    The doctors are not altogether wrong... stress and a diet low in fats and too much training can lower your testosterone levels significantly.
    Hormone replacement is a big decision especially at your age, It should be an absolute last resort as it is full of difficulties and is never as good as your own natural function.
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    marianco Doctor of Medicine

    Obtaining a total testosterone Peak blood level and a Trough blood level is useful.

    The Peak for Testosterone Enanthate is about 24-48 hours after the injection.
    The Trough (lowest level) for Testosterone Enanthate is just before the next injection.

    Obtaining both levels will give the range of testosterone one's body is exposed to.
    This is helpful to see if a person is within a good therapeutic range.

    The shorter the intervals between injections, the flatter the range will be.

    Large variations between the peak and trough can be a problem because there can be large changes in DHT and Estradiol levels - contributing to problems such as weight gain, acne, hair loss, and hot flashes. Hot flashes occur when estradiol levels drop quickly - they are withdrawal from estrogen.

    Large peaks of testosterone may also result in large amounts of DHT and Estradiol being made. When Estradiol is made from testosterone, its peak levels last much longer than testosterone itself - resulting in a larger exposure to estradiol even as the levels of testosterone drop.

    Testosterone Enanthate usually has a half-life of about 7-9 days. This results in a good total testosterone level (e.g. 700-900) at a dose of 100 mg a week. The half-life varies though depending on the person's ability to metabolize testosterone enanthate and testosterone.

    In some men, the half-life of Testosterone Enanthate is much shorter. For example, in some men, the half-life is around 4 days. To achieve a total testosterone of around 800, such a person would need about 200 mg a week.

    Given a Testosterone Enanthate dose of 200 mg every 2 weeks for an average hypogonadal male, the total testosterone curve shows a peak of around 1250 ng/dl approximately 24-48 hours after the injection, 1000 ng/dl around 4 days after the injection, 800 ng/dl 7 days after the injection, 600 ng/dl 10 days after the injection, and baseline about 14 days after the injection.

    A way to tell what the half-life would be is to give the person a 200 mg dose then measure the total testosterone approximately 4 days or 7 days later. If the level is significantly lower than the average male dose curve, then the half-life is going to be shorter.

    For example, I have a patient with a level of about 600 ng/dl 4 days after the 200 mg injection. This is about 40% less than the expected 1000 ng/dl seen in an average person. He has a very short half-life for testosterone enanthate. One could argue that his half-life is about 3 days (since 600 ng/dl is about half of the peak of 1250 ng/dl 24 hours after the injection). His body quickly destroys testosterone. He needed a 200 mg a week dose to achieve a trough blood level of about 800 ng/dl. It was best to dose this 100 mg twice a week to maintain an even blood level, avoiding a roller coaster effect, given the very short half-life of testosterone and testosterone enanthate in his body.
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    the/rock Junior Member

    thanks for your reply.
    I have a case history of 3 to 4 years and do no means do i want to injected .
    I have been working with doctors and nutritionalist for the pass 3 to 4 years
    and have work with supplements ,then test gels ,and just started to inject the past
    2 weeks .All fairness to you i have been on bodybuilding.com forum and explained all
    of this!! I just resently found this sight ,have been told it was good so asked a straight up
    question than going into life story!!! And if i wanted to to a cycle i would of done it years ago
    and would not be in this section!!! i have spend more money in the last 3 to 4 years than
    Ronnie coleman has spend on drugs in the past 3 to 4 years ,just for me to fix a low test problem!!So please dont judge me and tell me i am only 28 years old i have heard that
    so many times from doctors, trust me i dont want to jab ,i just want to have energy to go to work
    play with my kids and go to the gym 3 times a week ,with out feeling like a old man!!! That needs
    a nap in the after noon and needs viagra to have sex with his wife!!! and i am only 28 years old!!
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    the/rock Junior Member

    NOW thats the kind of reply i am taking about!!!!!!
    THANK YOU so much !!!
    I am working with doctors to find out how much i need a week .
    I used the gel for a while and my body didnt absorb it well the blood tests
    were to low for how much i used.So what you just replyed me with is very helpful.
    It will help me as i talk with doctors !!!!
    Once again thank you very much!!
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    Matt Muscle

    Matt Muscle Junior Member

    Firstly I am not judging you.
    I was questioning the amount of testosterone you were taking, as for many this will cause supraphysiological levels of T and eventually cause undesirable side effects, unless you are one who uses the exogenous testosterone as described by Marianco above.

    I was also pointing out that many guys hop on to HRT therapy before really finding out what the problem is and thus being on testosterone for the wrong reasons.
    It can be a diffcult path, and if natural function can be restored this can be by far the best way to go, ie a restart protocol can work for some guys.
    If your condition is such that you have no choice but to take testosterone, then of course this is what you must do.
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    the/rock Junior Member

    Hi mate
    not trying to slag you !!
    I have had so many people post dumb replys on other forums ,it just seemed like
    you were just another one!!! But it seems you were honestly trying to help!!
    and i apologise if i affended you!!
    I did H.C.G and clomid to get my test in ,but after a liitle while they declined again!!
    My post before was more fustration than anything!!!
    And i apologise again!!
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    Matt Muscle

    Matt Muscle Junior Member

    No problem.
    Well, if you have tried the hcg and clomid tests, perhaps yes, you will need HRT.
    Marianco's excellent post should be of some help.

    Sounds like you might be in Australia. If you need any further help and you have msn, my messenger contact is simbarn@hotmail.com. I have had a few years experience with dealing with this HRT stuff!

    Cheers mate.
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    pmgamer18 Member

    For the 22 yrs. that I have been on TRT I had to do a lot of T to get my levels up and my body used it up fast dam fast. At one time I was on 10 grams of Testim and doing 200mgs shots every other week to keep my levels up.

    I think today I now know why this was being that I am not primary and now told I am Hypopituitary all of the things that I was low noraml on we are now treating DHEA, Cortisol and so on. Now my Total and Free levels are up so high we have had to cut my dose way back. So treating the other problems my body is not using the T meds up so fast. I could remember getting sick with a bladder infection and my T levels would drop, when my dad passed away I crashed my Dr. was giving me 200mg shots every week to keep my levels up. I feel if other things are off or wrong your body eats up T meds very fast just like Dr. marianco said.
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    zumper Junior Member

    I am 24 years old with T levels prior TRT in the low normal range due to low caloric-fat nutrition and stress, psycologic or physiologic.I changed my diet eating even 200 grs day fat but testo didn't go above 400,so i went on TRT.Or the tetsts seemsto respond like hcg stimulation test and stimulation with synthetic LHRH(relefact),finding that the problem is hypothalamic(gnrh) cause all of my hormones are low like thyroid,igf-1,DHEA,leptin(extremely low),but not cortisol.
    What i supposed to do if i cannot get my levels to 800 and cause i am 24 coming to 25 i must not leave my life and wait until get old.I think when you are young ,in age,you are supposed to live as young.
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    edpoole Junior Member

    testosterone levels are highest early in the morning and lowest late at night.

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