What is the Most Weight You Have Ever Benched?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by P951, Apr 12, 2007.

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    P951 Junior Member

    Let's take for example. A massive cycle of test, anadrol and anavar. What was your 1-2 rep max at the height of your cycle? I once did 405x2 clean at a weight of 212. I"m was only 5'7, am still 5'7, just not quite as bloated and watery anymore.
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    steroid500 Junior Member

    a month ago i did 225 x12, 275x 8, 315 x6, 350 x4, 405 x2 running test and tren

    weight 227, 12-14%bf, age 22, 5'11"
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    role model

    role model Junior Member

    425 about 9 years ago when I was 37 and was also on a massive anadrol cycle.
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    Bryan127 Junior Member

    315 for 5 reps @ 170 not amazing but pretty good
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    lou123 Junior Member

    That's at least 340 x 1. Not many people can bench double their bodyweight, not many at all !

    I prefer dumbells and the most I ever did was 140's x 6 inclined at about 190 lbs
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    Orangejuicer Junior Member

    This past summer i did 4 reps at 495...wait...that was squats....I don't bench. Benching is for cissies.
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    ForemanRules Member

    RAW...365x18, 405x11, 495x3 all the same day, I was 260 and on Test E 500mg EW, tren A 76mg EOD and 50mg anadrol ED. I maxed 545 the next week bodybuilding style. That was 4 or 5 years ago.
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    HDH Member

    This thread hurts my shoulders :eek:

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    dennis Member

    ok..while we are all being honest here..i will give you guy's something to laugh at...for me last year not on aas at 170 lbs I did 265 x 2.Needless to say bench is not my strongest exercise.I do remember starting out over 13 years ago at 30 years of age and maybe weighing only 150 lbs I could only bench like 130..:mad: My long term goal is 300...I am still trying to get there..only thing holding me back is nagging left shoulder.
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    1badhabit Junior Member

    As do I. 135's x 8, @ 192lbs 1yr ago. Now im stuck on 105's, lol.
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    juggernaught Junior Member

    535 raw paused single while on test e,tren a
    bwt 256lbs
    and at 199lbs i hit 455 raw paused
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    t-rocks69 Junior Member

    500 lbs once at the age of 16/220lb--no aas//// again after chest work out age 30/240on test&equi. 5x350 5x400 4x450 and 3x500 after that i stopped maxing out seen a bad peck tear(he screamed like a little girl) at the gym and some other shoulder injuries. most i lift is 150lbs dumbbells for set of 10 with lots of drop sets. am a fat ass now no lifting for almost 3 years am on hrt and hgh looking to get back to 220 and a six pack not the keg i have now.damm married, house and kids suck
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    TheBeat Member

    I guess I'm the weak guy - 315x3 at 220lbs natural

    Must add that I don't ever really flat bench anymore, haven't in years. The other day I did lock-outs (top half) with 295x5 for 3 sets and incline bench 275x5
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    Thickneck Member

    I don't bench anymore it kills my shoulders after awhile. I incline every time i do chest which is easier on the joints. Best incline 365x8 395x4:cool:
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    roadkill Junior Member

    I don't do flat bench, it wrecks my shoulders. If anyone asks how much I bench I lie anyway!
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    Swimm Junior Member

    I know I can win this challenge.

    My max bench is 215. Do I win? :eek:
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    Neodavid Junior Member

    In college and natural, my max was 1x255. AT 40 I got a job just above a gym and got to be consistent for the first time in my life and got to 280.

    A buddy of mine had some test and I did a cycle and got up to 315 in about 8 weeks. 2 years later I ran another cycle and hit 340 x 1.

    I think that's as high as I can go unless I dedicated my life to weight training. Having a job and family makes it very difficult to hit your true potential.

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    jsupstarz Junior Member

    405x7,- 710 with shirt @196lb. 4 years ago. I haven't benched in a month since iv'e been sick, I can probably max 365 now, how depressing.
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    ForemanRules Member

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    biceps72 Member

    405 lbs, 1 good rep, at 190 lbs body weight

    i am now 58 and can still push 315 and did 390 at age 55.

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