What is the Scally PCT with the currently UPDATES?

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  1. chileandawg

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    Hey Guys,hope you a great day,so my question is about the Scally pct.

    I need to know what is the currently order with the UPDATES.

    Well,I been heard that the hcg dose had change,Why is this?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my english.Need some help with my libido and my involuntary erections.

    HELP ME PLEASE MAN !! @Michael Scally MD @Dr JIM


    PD. My roid history was:
    I) one Anavar cycle 40mg ED 3 weeks /PCT10 days of 40mg nolva

    II) 2 weeks of anavar at 100mg ED with HCG at 1000 ui weekly n with 100mg proviron/ PCT 3weeks of aromasin at 12.5 mg with 40/20/20 of nolva,first week some clomid

    III) 4 weeks of HCG only at 1500ui/

    IV)5 weeks of test-e subq at 125mg weeks/PCT one month of nolva at 20mg

    IV)5 weeks of test cyp IM at 200mg/PCT 2 month of nolva at 20mg,first month added 12.5 aromasin
    note: aromasin is a good shit but its terrible with the libido and erections so what about some winstrol to help with libido?Im sure that Dr Scally dont like clomiphene but whats the answer? im a "bisexual in the closet" OK Im heteresexual but my libido is like a woman,but i follow the TAOIST way like this shit https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/816271.Taoist_Secrets_of_Love maybe im very emotional IDK but need help with my libido and erections not with my emotions you know
    stats:154 lbs,5´8,BF 17-18%, lift training data 7 years but endo genetic so bad man,diet iffym diet you know with consciusness of garbage,you know.
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    In to watch this unfold
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    Reminds me of ddp7
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  4. chileandawg

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    Hey idk what are you talking bout man

    What do you think of my case?

    i know i tested the waters step by step but well currently i know how make a good cycle,etc.But pct is my problem man

  5. SuperSwede

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    Why did you take test-e subq?
  6. Evom1

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    Out of everything he did, that's the part you question? Lol jk man but holy train wreck
  7. chileandawg

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    bc i followed the Dr.Crisler's planning

    my original planning was fix the low libido after the second Anavar cycle,that was the TNATION advice but you see was a mistake

    do u understand man? Then i tell to my self well im in low libido maybe another proper test cycle could help but seems to be that i did a new mistake

    im just a newbie but im very seroius man

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    So have you done blood work to see how things look?
  9. chileandawg

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    no sir,dont have labs

    but unless hit the porn my way down feel very cold man,dont like porn btw
  10. That's what i always do when im experiencing low libido, my endocrine system is out of control, and i have zero baseline blood work....i run another cycle and watch porn. :rolleyes:
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    FUCK YES @ddp7 IS BACK!!!!

    My little Chilean brother is back:D
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  12. chileandawg

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    no way man i have my baseline labs but are oldie stuff n all my shits looks like the average joe in range u know the oldie same story

    but dont misunderstood me,like porn a lil with control u know could be a drug - like the yourbraininporn stuff said,its mental stimuli but not my prefer mental stimuli understand?

    are you trying to say me that my problem is bout mental problem?

    What do u think about the progesterone and libido issues? Imagine my values are in range blabla

  13. chileandawg

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    no way man idk wut u talking bout it

    anyway,what do think of my case?
    n why mr Scally decrease the hcg dose in his protocol?

  14. DrinkFlintWater

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    I missed you little buddy....was even contemplating running a nolva only cycle in your honor....welcome back!!!!!
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  15. chileandawg

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    Hey man im serius person

    Check this Recovery of spermatogenesis following... (PDF Download Available)

    That panoramic view points out that the HPTA is regulated in a down sense

    So thats why i ran a second test cycle after the mistake subq cycle

    You estrogen is main goal in recovery

    My testicles currently have his normal size and feel great but not hanging on all the time
    Its strange bc i ran tamox always after my steroid use

    What do u think man?

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  17. chileandawg

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    thanks but clomid gave me erectil dysfunction, the same clomid n nolva

    could be a proper pct planning take during two weeks 10.000ui of hcg [im a small man] and then a nolva only at 20mg?

    thanks in advance man
  18. chileandawg

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    btw im curious bout the currently scally pct n in general hear your opinions brothers

    many thanks in advance
  19. Anyone still wonder why we chastise those that run oral only cycles? Now you know.

    Let this Chilean limp noodle story serve as inspiration in running any goofy ideas you might have by the community, before you put some cockamamie theory you thought up into practice.
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    Yeah that seems to be a very smart move.
    Some people are irritative stupid..