what is this machine called?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by maxyshot, Jun 2, 2019.

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    then why is there a seat?
  4. This machine is called a shitty cell phone camera, it can be identified by the blurry pics it takes.
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    I take it your mad caus you don't know what it is either.
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    my best guess is it's a seated hamstring curler but I'm not 100% sure.
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    Looks to be a Hammer Strength style standing hamstring curl. I believe you're supposed to put your knee of the leg you're not curling with on the pad in the middle.
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    Thank you your a clever man.
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    Because it isn’t a seat bro.
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    My gym has one where the leg you curl with goes in the middle and a piece with pads on both ends you can half spin from one side to the other to put your other knee on when you switch legs for the middle. Not Hammer Strength style, but with a weight stack and cable.
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    This fuckin guy, man.

    It's a leg rest...
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    Since the rest is in the middle it must be to rest the middle leg.

    There looks to be a fixed support under the padded rest/seat. Based on the 1940 optics I don't see a swivel to move right to left so it looks awkward compared to any standing ham curl i have seen then again the ones made in 1940 were the early versions and probably didn't have a swivel.

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    Great now everyone wants to know why I’m literally crying right now. This shit is too funny.
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  14. I went ahead and enhanced your blurry photo to crisp HD quality.

    Hopefully this makes it easier for someone to identify what, in fact, this is.

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    We're all clearly overlooking the need for a mind here..
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    That’s a really good hamstring curl machine. That’s a seat for your knee dummy

    You put your elbows on the top pad and your knee your not using on the bottom seat. A position @MisterSuperGod might know about
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  18. Alright, so we all know the picture is blurry af, but I was able to figure out what machine we have here.

    It's a hydraulic press.


    Anyhow, that's not a seat, it's a work bed. The thing in the middle is the work head.
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  19. i'm assuming that means something homosexual?
    Ha ha?
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  20. I got curious to try this machine after reading this thread, I finally found a gym that had one. So after doing some hanging knee raises and taking my boron supplement, I tried it out. I think it worked, but I can't tell because my legs are numb. Is this normal?

    P.S. Why did every one chant MSG while i was bent over and grunting out my sets?
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