What is your current split

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  1. gear shef

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    What is your current split for the week? And if you don’t mind answering why you set it up that way as well.

    Looking for ideas is all
  2. Xlgx

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    Full body Sunday. Lower Wednesday. Upper Thursday.

    Taking a break from 4x week training where I had 2 full body sessions instead of 1
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  3. Btcowboy

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    Layne Norton’s PHAT

    Power - heavy low rep
    Monday upper body power
    Tuesday lower body power

    Hypertrophy- lighter 70% more reps
    Thursday back and shoulder hypertrophy
    Friday lower body hypertrophy
    Saturday chest and arms hypertrophy

    Great mix of strength and hypertrophy. I am liking the results
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  4. Evom1

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    Push pull legs split, coaches orders!
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  5. Right now I'm on the strength block of my lower/upper periodization cycle. In a few weeks, I will switch to my hypertrophy block since I will start gear and I'm thinking of throwing an extra day, a full body day, in the mix but still I'm not sure about that. Where I'm leaning more right now is to run two specialization body part cycles to help with my weak points.
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  6. SuperSwede

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    Two days on, rest one day, two days on..
    Push pull legs type of split.
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  7. BigNattyDaddy

    BigNattyDaddy Member

    Something like this with cardio on my off days and/or in the am on my workout days.

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  8. Sk8man101

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    I do a very similar routine. But i’ll mix things up quite a bit
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  9. Rosconow

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    Pretty much what i'm doing. Will throw in a arm day on the wknds here and there.

    I will do this type of split for 8-12 weeks. Then switch over to 5 day a week split, chest, back, legs, shoulders, arms for another 8-12 weeks.
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  10. Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    Main squat
    Deadlift variation 2
    Squat variation 1
    Upper back

    Main bench
    Squat variation 2
    Bench variation 1
    Upper back

    Main deadlift
    Bench variation 2
    Deadlift variation 1
    Upper back

    Full body accessory lifts

    Squat, bench, and deadlift are in the 2-5 rep range for the most part and are on a rotation, everything else is in the 10-30 rep range. The variations are rotated as needed as well.
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  11. barneys

    barneys Member

    Monday - Chest, Back
    Tuesday - Shoulders, Legs and arms
    Wednesday - Off
    Thursday - Chest, Back
    Friday - Shoulders, Legs and arms
    Saturday - Off
    Sunday- Off
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  12. Demondosage

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    Very unorthodox rt now, but I'll try my best to explain...

    Day 1-upper body muscles in front with pushup emphasis. I will rip out sets of pushups inbetween traditional sets with weights until I hit 500 reps (usually done in sets of 50) so when I hit chest I'm doing something like flys with sets of 8-12 , then going straight into a set of 50 pushups, then rest and repeat.

    Then I'll move onto delts, usually side raises and front raises, continuing to perform pushups inbetween. Occasionally I'll just do overhead Smith press instead.

    Then it's onto biceps, pick whatever exercise and inbetween it's more pushups. So that is upper body muscles facing forward day.

    The next day is upper body, muscles facing backwards. So a lot of back, maybe some traps, and triceps. No pushups on this day.

    Next day is lower body. It's pretty instinctive and I change up rep scheme a lot. It may be sets of 8 reps or sets of 30 reps. I constantly change it up. So.e days may be more ham emphasis while others more quads. It's pretty instinctive .

    Following day might be a rest day or if I'm feeling recovered enough then it's back to day 1 which is upper body/muscles facing forward combined with insanely high pushups, today was actually sets inbetween other exercises until I got to 700 pushups total.

    The pushups elevate my heart rate, allow me to truly fail in each set in a way a tradition bench press won't allow (when you think you fail with pushups you would be surprised at how many more you can do, it's a lot of strength of the mind)

    The mentality is sort of like an inmate style workout combined with traditional weight training. Chest has exploded from this, mass has increased a lot while remaining fairly lean.

    Many ppl will say there is no benefit to that many pushups but they work for me. It's similar to the Mike Tyson deck of cards pickup for squats. Lots of reps but certainly not hurting and only helping growth. Also, the pre exhaustion from high rep sets of pushups really makes you dig when you go to the following set of weights.
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  13. Demondosage

    Demondosage Member

    I also should add that many days are a process of give and take with my routine. For example, I may go very light on shoulders in my first day while squeezing harder in somewhat of an active recovery mode. Then next time may be heavier. Same goes for chest work outside of all the pushups. One day I may be doing sets of 5-8 reps on a press with weight, other days there are no presses performed outside of pushups, just fly motions to allow for a more recovery type approach before pressing heavy next session. Same for back and every other muscle.

    It's a constant process of cruising and then putting the pedal to the metal on occasion
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  14. Perrin Aybara

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    I was in jail with a dude that did a minimum of 1000 push ups a day, sometimes even 2000. He was pretty jacked.
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  15. Demondosage

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    There is truth to it. My theory on this is it's a failure and a stretch that isn't achieved from a traditional press. The mind muscle connect is far greater for me from pushups. Every other set I adjust hand position from super wide to narrower (I put my hands on dumbbells to keep my wrists from feeling fucked up)

    My muscles look more pumped from this than anything else I've done and I'm someone who traditionally weight trained for over 20 years straight too
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  16. Demondosage

    Demondosage Member

    When I see myself in the mirror after 500 or 700 pushups I look straight blown up everywhere. Releases crazy endorphins too, feel great from it.

    Yea, I read about guys banging down 1,000 pushups before the first meal tray of the day in lockup
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  17. Demondosage

    Demondosage Member

    I used to have this book called convict conditioning. It wasn't 100% my style but there were definitely principles and movements I found to help a lot.

    I'm not one for pistol squats or anything like that due to my structure but some of the bodyweight exercise variations helped a lot. Good for the joints too, one reason I began incorporating the body weight back into the weights
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  18. EQ Kimball

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  19. Uttukuxul

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    I'm doing a PPL type thing, two days on two days off. Current emphasis on upper body due to recent knee injuries sustained in BJJ. Each day has 2-3 major compunds and isolation work is focused on fixing asymmetric/imbalance issues.
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  20. CAswole

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    DC Training. I love it. It's very intense and cuts out all the bullshit. I also have chosen this because it gets me in and out of the gym in an hour. Seeing great gains thus far.