What keeps you going ?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Greek_beast95, Feb 12, 2020.

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    what’s going on guys I’m having some serious trouble lately and figured I’d call upon you guys for advice / suggestions . I was in love with lifting and the diet and the entire lifestyle of being a “bodybuilder” for a while but then all of a sudden around late October I just started to fall off , around that time I got a new puppy who’s a serious hand full lol and I had to transfer to a new jobsite which always makes me anxious because I have to meet all new people and new bosses etc ( I’m an electrician) . So these two changes in my life did throw me a bit out of my comfort zone and I’ve continuously tried getting back to the gym and continuously try to stop ordering pizza every night but here I am fatter weaker and much less muscle telling myself “tomorrow’s the day I go back to it” basically I’ve hit an extreme low that’s depressed me greatly so I’m wondering what do
    You guys do that I’m not doing to
    Make yourselves keep going everyday to the gym and eat clean almost everyday and not stop going when you get anxious or life throws you a curve ball , because I really need some advice on this before I lose everything I worked hard to gain , already lost a lot of my gains
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    Find a family member or someone that's in your life that sucks a giant set of balls as a human. Some bumm, basement dwelling waste of flesh that deserves to have a golf cleat stomp their jaw in. I'm sure you have at least one you can isolate, we all do.

    Every time you need motivation you remember this panty waste piece of shit. You think about their laziness, lack of respect and all around suckbag existence. Every though is like a log on your fire, grow that shit. Get angry, get motivated.
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    That and coffee. I'd be up the creek without a paddle....
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    I think we all go through times like this. The thing to remember is a little bit is better than none at all. Try switching up workouts, get on a program, watch some lifting videos etc. 3 day a week programs are enough to build or maintain if thats all you can do right now. Just do something until the real spark comes back.
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    I don't consider it optional. I think of going to the gym and prepping my food just part of my daily routine like my brushing my teeth. That way my motivation is irrelevant. Long day at work I'm still going after, stayed out late I'm still prepping food when I get home, etc. There's been times I was frustrated and not making progress, but still going through the motions every day till it passed kept me in the habit and kept me from losing anything.
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    We all fall off the wagon from time to time and getting back on track can be hard. For example with your job change you can adapt to it and make adjustments to your training schedule. Keeping yourself motivated is the biggest thing and focusing on the positives can help.
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    The thing that keeps me motivated is seeing all of the fat fucks around my age who can barely walk up a flight of stairs without going hypertensive.

    I refuse to be like that. Being a tubby, porcine, out-of-shape blob is not an option.
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    I force myself to just follow through the motion of doing it whether I want to or not. I'm in my 30's and I've seen a lot of people start heading downhill in their 30's. Just looking around I see a bunch of these shrek looking mofos already beginning to hunch over and have the beginnings of looking like a shriveled up raisin.

    Watching people in my family age is a big thing too. It also motivates me because I see how shitty they eat and all the health issues that come out of it.

    I don't want any part of that lol
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    It’s funny you mention people going down hill, in construction I see these obese guys work there ass off all day and then devour literal junk food off the food trucks or stores near by and they’re huffing and puffing and look all fucked up, and that’s what motivated me to start lifting in the first place but sometimes I just say screw it and going on crazy binges with eating , I love food and sometimes it gets the best of me and I wish I could learn to stop binging like a pathetic fat kid
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    This is exactly what I'm talking about lol

    That exact thing happened to my dad and he just retired a few years ago and it's only become worse. Had open heart surgery from all the garbage he ate over the years (had 5 blocked arteries) and even though he's recovered from it ......... he's still eating the same shit he always did and it's come back with a vengeance.

    Seriously tho fuck that I'm sick of watching it and refuse to become it lol
  11. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Mine is very similar. 2 years ago on a family trip to Disney World I looked up in line and saw this guy:


    I snapped his picture and said to my wife “I never ever want to look like these people.”
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    My 10 year old son keeps me motivated. And changing up my workouts from bodybuilding to olympic lifting, to crossfit wods and the occasional group boot camp class keeps it fun for me. I love aesthetics but functional strength is paramount to me as well.

    I've been doing it so long its become a lifestyle whereas before it was all ego motivated. And a lifestyle I can pass onto my son.


    My thoughts? Its not the job, the diet, or lack of wanting to get back in shape, its your subconscious programming. I've been there.

    Develop an abundance mindset. Practice and feel gratitude for all that you have. Once you appreciate everything around you (appreciation is the same vibration as love), your outlook will change. You'll feel more positive and wake up stoked for the potential each new day brings. Find a positive affirmation you repeat to yourself whenever you start feeling down. It will reprogram your subconscious. Repetition works. Check out Bruce Lipton on YouTube if you're interested in any of this. If not cool, its not for everyone.

    Grab a bag, put your gym clothes in it. And after work drive straight there. Once you get in there and start warming up then hit the weights it will all come back. Next thing you know you're consistent again. Its taking that first step back that's the hardest.
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    I'm going to be more direct. You're 24 (according to your profile), anxious about meeting people at work, dealing with a new puppy, eating pizza and getting more and more depressed w/ extreme lows.

    If that's it, you need to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself to stop being a pussy and man up. Life is never going to be all roses. It's just not.

    But I guarantee if you take just one hour a day to improve yourself you will have a better outlook. It can be the gym, running, something. It will make dealing with shitty bosses easier. It will make those 60 hour weeks more bearable. It will give you some mental freedom where you're not worried about your kid having seizures at night.

    It will give you confidence. Hopefully get you laid. And just generally feel better about yourself.

    And listen everyday doesn't have to be perfect. You have to find that balance between enjoyment and becoming a robot. I have periods where I eat clean, days where I say fuck it and eat whatever the fuck I want. Basically just enjoy life man, it's short.

    But it's not the end. And I wont get into that here. I'm saved, hope you are too.
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  14. Sven_Northman

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    Well said man. I was being more polite but yeah bro, man up and go kill it. Solid advice right here.
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  16. Perrin Aybara

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    All this too. Seeing the condition of other guys my age or even younger keeps me from ever just letting myself go.
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    What hits me even more is when I see someone who'se in their early 20s and you can just tell they've been and they already look like they're 40+, have injuries and their health is overall just total shit. I don't understand how anyone can just let themselves go that young and shrug it off and continue on lol
  18. Bluewhistle

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    My coworker is 26. Hes probably 5'7 at least 280. Just had to go to the doctor becauae his liver enzymes are high. They said its because of his weight. Just lazy man. He would rather eat pizza, drink mountain dew, and play video games. Working out is "hard" and so is eating right because "there isnt enough variety". He doesnt see a problem with it now, so it doesnt concern him. Hopefully this liver thing would kick him into a better place.
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    Listen to what @notdeadYET said.

    Stop thinking you have to go back to the gym and fucking kill it.

    Find a middle ground first.

    Then build your way back to killing it.

    You said it's hard to not eat pizza right now with your schedule.

    Fair enough, eat pizza for now but go to the gym.

    Then when life slows down, start to cook again and drop the pizza.

    Not everything has to be perfect the first shot.

    Amen brother.
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  20. Thats right , listen to Icky - take every bad comment or insult thats been thrown at you and use that as a motivator . Think of the assholes that have put you down in life, now get your ass in the gym .
    Thats your motivator !! o_O :mad::mad::mad: ~Ogh :D
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