What kind of trouble have you had to go through due to seized packages?

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    I would like to ask what kind of trouble other members have had to go through due to seized packages. Among useful info is also where you're located (no need for specific country, but USA, EU, etc) and where the package was sent from.

    I live in EU. I had many packages (including international ones) arrive successfully until a seizure was made. I ordered the last one from inside EU, but some items were missing and the missing items were sent from outside EU. Unfortunately the missing items got seized by customs. I went to the post office to get the package and signed for it. I should have rejected it the moment I noticed it was a signed-for letter instead of a package - it was clearly a trap, in the mailbox I only received a notification of a letter and later I even saw the original envelope had some strange marking on it (probably for the post office lady to know what she's dealing with). The contents were removed and replaced with a seizure letter. The letter demanded me to provide an explanation how and why I attempted to import controlled substances. In addition it requested me to provide my bank statements for a certain period of time. At first I rejected their demands but I was explained that they would fine me for not cooperating and would eventually get everything via a court order. So I cooperated - denied that the package was for me and provided bank statements that showed nothing. After evaluation the case was closed with the reason that the receiver is not clearly identifiable.

    I am now waiting for a new package from inside EU. It has already arrived in my country. What is strange is that tracking shows "Departure from inward office of exchange". There is nothing mentioning "Arrival at inward office of exchange". There is also nothing related to customs holding it. However I associate "Departure from inward office of exchange" with customs procedures and it's strange if the package comes from within EU and then there are not supposed to be any customs procedures. If I'm lucky it means a scanning procedure, not customs inspection. Anyway I am not going to get the package until I receive a notification letter about it. If it says "package" and its weight it likely was not inspected. If it says "letter" and no weight it's clear it was seized. Then I should probably ignore the notification. Can they even do anything if you don't sign for it? I mean last time the letter was prepared and I believe the signing made it effective, without signing the letter means nothing. Or how is it?

    Share your opinion and your own experiences.

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    "they would fine me for not cooperating"

    Fuck Europe, burn baby burn.

    We still have the 5th amendment - against self-incrimination - fuck that Gestapo crap.

    Haven't had any issues here in the US, had two shipments from an eastern European country get here without issues.
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    Got a total of 3 package seized. The first 2 times I just recieved a letter telling me my stuff was seized.

    The third one was were the shit started happening. This time I also recieved a letter, followed by having the police raid my house 1 month later, getting all my stuff confiscated, spending 11 hours in jail, and getting a $1500 fine.

    Now I only order domestic, and I don't store anything in my house. Lesson learned!
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    Deny, deny, deny
    Get a clean house in case of a search warrant

    Next time get gear mislabeled as some other legal meds, and mailed to a NEW address as the current one is likely blacklisted already
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    What kind of quantities were intercepted?
    And was it feds or local cops?
  6. He's in Europe too I believe, hence the draconian response to someone trying to buy bodybuilding drugs.
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    Oh..... That explains it. He lives in one of the socio-fascist liberal wet dream countries... Poor bastard.

    Although, he's in Norway, could be a lot worse, he could be in neighboring and totally bonkers Sweden.
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    Simple solution:
    Ask your source to relabel your gear as injectable progesterone and estrogen vials and have them mail you some transgender-oriented magazines and printed articles
    Frock Magazine - Home Page - Frock Magazine for crossdressers, transvestites, transsexuals and transgender people everywhere. Oh, and Drag artistes too!

    List of transgender publications - Wikipedia

    Now seriously
    You can get to jail for importing MALE hormones to make you MANLIER
    but you'd likely get a token gov't job, get cops and judges to protect you for importing FEMALE hormones to become EFFEMINATE??? WTF
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    Too f-ing true.

    Can we export all liberals to Canada? Isn't that where they threatened to move? Disappointingly they aren't....
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    Seriously? Did you use discreet packing?
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    No troubles for me yet, and the only time I've even had "stealth" packaging was for something from Thailand.
    I try to keep my gear orders domestic and ancillaries INT.
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    Crazy bro!
    I have a question for you though, when they came and raided your house did they have a controlled delivery and did they try and get you to sign first?
    Edit:Nevermind re-read it, you said you received a letter so I'm assuming that means no controlled delivery.
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    I have been thinking about starting a pharma company selling estrogen, they have to a lot of $ for estrogen. Considering how cheap the raws are this is a profitable business.
  14. Sk8man101

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    That's actually pretty smart.
    I wonder what trans people pay for their hormones. Undercut the pharmacies and make a killing.
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    Probably similar to t, $100-200/vial. Been looking at paperwork on regulations of what is needed from a compounding pharmacy to start up.

    And then start advertising the fuck out of "EVER FELT LIKE YOU REALLY WERE A WOMAN?: :D
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    Yeah but some of them might not have it covered by their insurance. And they have to have it so they are customers for life.
    All you'd need is a handful of regular customers and you be looking at early retirement.
    I would think that some of it would fall in the category as cosmetic maybe?
  17. Sworder

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    I have worked in the TRT business for quite a while so I know of a lot of loopholes so you can get it covered by insurance.
    And yes, the people that don't have insurance will be customers for life. Even on the black market this could be profitable.
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    Makes since but what about the girl guys like Chaz Bono lol She probably buys black market to A little test leads to more
  19. master.on

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    Hormone Therapy: $1,500/Year
    You Won't Believe How Much It Costs to Be Transgender in America
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    I will not complain about my GF's boob job price - I will not complain about my GF's boob job price - I will not complain about my GF's boob job price - I will not complain about my GF's boob job price .....
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