What might my TRT Dr. see on labs if I use NPP

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    Man I haven’t been on here for a while. Here it goes..

    Been on Trt for about 2 years. Dr sets me up for 3 months (12 weeks) in between visits for labs. Once or twice a year I run test prop in between for only 8 weeks and give myself 4 weeks to level back down to my reg dose. Naturally because of the short life of Prop Ester.

    Was wanting to do the same with Npp. Was worried if anyone had any exp with doing this on TRT. Think he’d know if I had elevated prolactin levels. I could take prami ... but has to be like twice a week. Makes me sick as fuck.

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  2. Rockclimber

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    Taking 4 weeks off before bloods with NPP will likely show nothing on your blood work. That is plenty of half lives away from concern. The only thing I can think of that might be of concern is haematocrit being elevated from the NPP and test prop though I still think that is of very low probability.
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    I ran a solo nandrolone cycle and the nandrolone showed as test. That was on a cheaper ECLIA test. If done with LC/MS/MS testing you will be good. E2 levels might be higher too depending on dose.
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    Yea. This is my first set of labs with this dr. Had to get a new dr. To continue TRT with. He was already talking about the pellets down the road as it’s safer. I’ve heard some good but more negative with that. (As far as TRT goes- not any type of muscle building agent). I only got on trt for sex drive.

    Anyway, good feed back so far. Thanks. Anyone else please feel free to chime in.
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    maybe get a private lab test weeks before to see what changes might occur? Like others have said, high HCT, elevated cholesterol, E2 out of range, and NPP showing up as test.

    All can be managed by knowing what will show up. If HCT is high, donate blood. E2 can be managed with an AI, and timing can run NPP out of your system early enough.

    Curious why doc has you on such short term monitoring? Did your last blood test show possible concerns?
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    It depends on the test he uses. Like @Iron Frenchie said, I’d he uses LC/MS you’re good. If not and there is still nandrolone in your system, it could show up as an exaggerated testosterone level and prolactin could be high. Although I doubt your doc tests for prolactin.
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    That’s how it is around here. Every three months. There’s only one doc that does every 6 months and she’s hard to get into. Anyway, forgot to mention I’m running 50mg of Dbol ED but I will only be running that for 4-6 weeks out of the 12. The NPP was my concern. He ran labs on my Thursday of last week. I will post them here. Should be in by Monday. He actually emails you the labs. Doesn’t discuss. Only calls you in if there’s an issue. Other than that, he calls in the script. So that’s cool enough
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    Labs attached. Here is what my doctor wrote in his email

    “”Your lab results have been reviewed and posted.
    Your hemoglobin and hematocrit. which are the iron levels and your blood, are the high side therapeutic range.
    This Can be one of the side effects of testosterone injections. Elevated hemoglobin and hematocrit levels can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack.
    Your overall testosterone level is 1500.
    to monitor your testosterone Replacement therapy safely and to keep you from increased risk of heart attack or stroke I recommend lowering your testosterone dosage to 1 mL (200mg) weekly.
    To avoid the side effect of increased iron levels, I recommend he consider the BioTe hormone bioidentical pellet therapy as discussed at your office visit.
    We will repeat your lab work on xx-xx-xx
    (3 months)
    If you have any questions about your lab work, or if you would like to schedule a detailed review of your blood work, please call the office.
    Thank you””

    I don’t want to do the pellets. I was actually taking 1.5ml (250mg weekly and was 6 days before labs) also was taking proviron but stopped about 2 days before labs. Any thoughts?