what multivitamin???

Discussion in 'Nutrition / Supplements Forum' started by Massive690, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. Massive690

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    what brand of a multi vitamin do you guys take????
  2. joeycrabcakes

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    flintstones chewables. at the moment, vitamin shoppe brand
  3. Beefy

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    I just take cheap Walgreens shit right now, but I'm eating like a horse and getting lots of vitamins from the protein shakes I'm drinking right now. When I diet I pay a little more attention to quality, but I still don't spring for the expensive shit. I go for the high b vitamin formula when dieting, too.

    Nothing like shopping for vitamins. :)
  4. animan

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  5. Massive690

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    thanks bros, i've been taking centrum for a while but ran out and wanted to try something new
  6. TenMan

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    OK...90% of all the vitamins sold in the United States are made by one (1) company...Hoffman LaRoche. That being said, go for the cheapest...they are just about all the same.

  7. BodyBuildingBrat

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    I use Solaray Spectro Multi-Vita-Min. You have to take 6 pills per day, but, it also includes quite a few digestive enzymes.
  8. road warrior

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    Dont waste your $ on regular multi's

    Hey Bros-

    Just wanted to point out that centrum, one a day... are about as effective as taking flintstones. The "RDA" listed on the bottles are the bare minimum amounts to avoid disease. Y Regular multi's are a waste of monoey. You should eat whole foods and look at a vitamin like animan said Ultra Man or GNC's Ultra Mega Green.

  9. meat250

    meat250 Junior Member

    I just started taking animal pak, and am loving it...u know its working when your piss is neon yellow...LOL...although its 11 pills at once, its worth it when you consider it has everything you would need under the sun

  10. lafayettehitter

    lafayettehitter Junior Member

    I really like the GNC Ultra mega green as well. I bitch about the cost when I buy it but it's good stuff.

  11. Pablo34

    Pablo34 Junior Member

    Nature's Way multivitamin. I also buy their Vitamin C pills also.
  12. Jono1971

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    Centrum Silver, with extra C, E, Selenium and also a Policosanol capsule to keep the cholesterol down

    All the Puritans Pride brans.

    And BTW, the US RDI's are about the worlds highest, not "the bare minimum to prevent disease"
  13. bigslick

    bigslick Junior Member

    gnc - mega man
  14. road warrior

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    According to Michael Colgans findings since the early 90's most on the shelf multivitamins met and hastily set the bare minimum requirement to protect against most major degenerative diseases. I have 3 books to support this claim and I firmly believe in following his guidelines when considering what vitamins, minerals antioxidans, phytochemicals... to use.

    Heres the Books:
    Optimum Sports Nutrition
    Sports Nutrition Guide
    New Nutrition

    I think we see the common theme here NUTRITION. To his credit, over time he has revised some earlier findings in later publications but still contests the multi fallacy.

    road warrior
  15. Joffa

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