What routine makes you feel amazing?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Scout200, May 27, 2011.

  1. Scout200

    Scout200 Junior Member

    Several people have a workout routine that makes them feel amazing.... What's yours? "I always feel best after my ______ workout."
  2. fit4life10

    fit4life10 Junior Member

    "I always feel best after my SHOULDER workout." Love the way the blood pumps up the shoulders and traps.
  3. bigrobbie

    bigrobbie Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    After my sex workout!!!
  4. Buff77

    Buff77 Junior Member

    Its always been arms for me, chest a close 2nd.
  5. Phoc

    Phoc Junior Member

    i feel real powerful after a hard core back workout.
  6. Solo_builder

    Solo_builder Junior Member

    Chest workout is my fav
  7. bigflipperj

    bigflipperj Junior Member

    Arms - No Contest - love that Pump!!!

  8. Tomferry

    Tomferry Junior Member

    I feel best after my chest workout, especially after my barbell incline bench press medium grip routine.
  9. rocco-x

    rocco-x Member

    whatever 5/3/1 day i'm doing.best routine out there...next to gvt.
  10. MPM

    MPM Member

    I will occasionally hit my entire upper body with high Rep slow negative movements. It seems to shock my body a bit from a normal workout but I feel great afterwards. Veins explode out and my arms and shoulders look amazing. Prob my favorite just for the ego boost.