What should I expect for bloods?

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by Burn bright, May 15, 2018.

  1. Burn bright

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    So, I'm going to get bloods done 3 weeks into cycle here. Have not noticed anything so far. Maybe a little libido. Maybe a little shrinkage. Not certain though.

    So my question is: What should one expect for test ranges on blood work at 3 weeks into cycle on test cyp 500mg/wk.

    Either way I'll come back with the results here, just wanted to know what you guys thought should be expected.
  2. bolder

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    That’s too early for Cyp man. Maybe try to wait 6weeks in for a better more accurate reading.
  3. Burn bright

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    6 Weeks just seems like a really long time to wait to know whether the stuff is legit or not.
  4. Sk8man101

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    That’s why people use test e instead of cyp. That’s also why people run a kickstarter.

    Things take time man, do you have baseline bloods?
    3 weeks will litterally tell you nothing.
    Save your money.
  5. Burn bright

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    Yeah I have full baseline bloods. Everything in normal range. test at 556.

    If cyp blood levels peak at 2-3 days after injection why would it not give valid info?
  6. bolder

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    You need to research test cyp a little better man. Cyp doesn’t peak at 2-3 days. You must have your esters mixed up.
  7. Burn bright

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    Heh not the greatest source but a lot of respected members say like 48 hours or so.

    Just reasoning from priciples, if something has a half life( has reduced to half its initial dose in host) of a week then its peak would have to be some time shorter then a week.


    If it didn't peak within a week why would people take two doses throughout the week to have smoother levels?

    If you are talking about steady state levels, they are gradually increased as you will have more then 1 half life of the drug in your system throughout the cycle.
  8. Dr JIM

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    If you run an assay bt 24 to 36 hours after your last pin the level should approximate 8 to 12 times the dosage.

    So wo listing all the qualifiers if you pin 500 mg the level should PEAK at somewhere between 4000 to 6000ng/dl

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  9. Burn bright

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    Anyways I think I figured out how to answer my question I just want to confirm with somebody else.

    Suppose for simplicity 1 500mg/wk injection. Suppose for simplicity 1 week for halflife. At the end of 3 weeks the initial injection would have gone through three half lives 500-250-125-62.5. The second would have gone through two 500-250-125 and the third through one half life 500-250, leaving the steady state total at 437.5.

    I've read that for quality gear a 10 fold number can be expected for serum levels. which, Granted there are all kinds of other conversion factors that need to be taken into account but generally this should work out.
  10. Burn bright

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    Yeah thanks man, that's what I was looking for and roughly what I was thinking.

    I do have another question that I haven't found a satisfactory answer to that maybe you can help me with. This whole idea of "building up in your system", What is the mechanism behind this if the blood levels are there throughout? Is it just the steady state brought on by the drugs half lives building up or?

    Thanks for your reply btw. Sorry I didnt post pics of the lump on my wrist in the other post. It's still there just couldn't get phone to send to email. Pretty positive its just a standard bible bump.
  11. Dr JIM

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    AAS and many other drugs need to reach some form of equilibrium
    for reliable results.

    The timing to reach steady state can vary from a couple weeks to months depending upon the dose, and the ester.

    The latter is of critical importance bc it determines a anabolic agents HALF LIFE.

    How many half lives should lapse
    before testing can be deemed accurate?

    Well that depends upon how accurate YOU want the test to be!

    But for most folk running T-c/T-e
    four weeks is sufficient as the sensitivity should approximate 95%

    Shorter intervals can be used
    for shorter esters but a word of caution is warranted bc IF and UGL substitutes a longer ester,
    such as T-c, for another short chain ester such as T-p the results may be LOWER than what would be expected.

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  12. wedorecover

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    What there saying is at 3 weeks its not fully im ur system .... 6 weeks your ready to go
  13. Burn bright

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    Yeah I'll wait til week 4 as per Dr Jim's advice.

    Just sucks waiting 4 weeks to know if what you are running is legit.
  14. Burn bright

    Burn bright Member

    Hey thanks for the reply man. Lots of good info but also to the point.
  15. wedorecover

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    Jim knows much more then i do but this is why people are saying 6 weeks just the meso protocol
    ***MESO Blood Work Testing Protocol***
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  16. Burn bright

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    Yeah, that makes sense. The protocol will give a slightly more accurate reading but not by a huge margin or anything. I appreciate your input but for my sanity I need to know if it's just olive oil or something. I'm fine injecting various inert substances into my ass but only on my own terms.
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  17. wedorecover

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    I hear ya brother
  18. bolder

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    Yes this is what I was referring to @Burn bright
    Sorry I didn’t get back to you in what I meant. I’ve been, and still am at work.:)

    Some guys use the home roid test. I believe it will tell you if hormone is present just not how much.
    It can at least give you an idea that what you are pinning has hormone in it while you wait for your blood work test.
    I’m not that familiar with it myself but just have read about it.
    Just a thought anyway...
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