What should I use to suspend sildenafil

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by Burpeeking, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Burpeeking

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  2. rubisean

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    You can cut the powder with everclear, it is not suspended but will work
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  3. skinnyman

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    You can use ora plus or cap it.
    I'm lazy, I usually just try to dissolve my raws.
  4. ickyrica

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    @rubisean is spot on. For the easiest path, use everclear.
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  5. Notadouche

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    I’ve used everything from dissolving into a solution with everclear to suspending in oraplus. I just use mct oil now with a few drops of mio water flavor simply cuz I always have mct on hand. I’ve even used olive oil. I see no advantage other than taste in suspending orals with virtually any edible oil.

    Maybe I’m missing something...I don’t understand why guys look for exotic carriers for an oral suspension? For personal use anyway.
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  6. Jstone2

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    When using oils to suspend orals does it suspend evenly? I would think there would be clumping issues, or you wouldn't really get an even distribution of the compound.
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  7. penche

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    Humco. Can buy on amazon.

    70% Humco
    15% everclear.
    15% distilled water.

    Mix hard in beaker with glass stir rod. Turns milky. Your gold
  8. JJ14

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    Liquid is more accurate than capsules.
  9. janoshik

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    sildenafil dissolves very easily in food grade DMSO.

    It also absorbs much faster then.
  10. Jstone2

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    I was specifically asking him about using oil. Liquid is not more accurate than capsules. Liquid also isnt a method. There are suspensions, and solutions.
  11. JJ14

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    Pick which ever one you want but both a solution and a suspension if made correctly has a higher percentage of being dosed accurately than a capsule.

    A liquid solution and suspension is all in one bottle unlike individual capsules
  12. Jstone2

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    Just like caps you dont make 1 bottle at a time. Neither are more accurate, it all comes down to how it's made. Capsules are just as accurate as any form of liquid. Your argument doesn't have any validity.

    If capsules weren't accurate pharmaceutical company's wouldn't produce them. Just because making capsules takes more time to accurately dose doesn't mean a liquid form is more accurate.

    Is a suspension or solution easier to make accurately? Yes, but they're not more accurate than capsules.