What sort of PCT protocol to follow after long cycle with deca

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    Currently on the tail end of a 24 week cycle

    Running test 400 (200 e/200 d) , deca 300 and masteron e 200

    Currently titrated upto 800 test, 600 deca, 400 mast at Week 16 of 24

    Thinking of running the deca til week 19 drop it, and run 800 test and 600 mast from weeks 20 to 24 to give the nandrolone an extra 4 weeks to be out of my system

    I have 10 000 hcg on hand, bacteriostatic water , clomid, nolvadex and aromasin on hand,

    Just thinking what sort of pct protocol I should follow with this considering the cycle was quite long and there are 19-nors involved, thank you !
  2. You can hit the hcg in the time you’re waiting for the roids to clear, prob a longer wait with deca. Once the appropriate amount of time passed I’d check T levels to see if you’ve got an adequate response to the hCG, minimum of 400ng/dL but ideally higher, if it is then you can start clomifene and tamoxifen.
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    No point PCTing wth Deca, it has long term metabolites that supress LH for months after stopping even at tiny doses. If you really have to pct, drop the Deca, cruise on test for at least 3 months and then wait for 3 more weeks after stopping thest e and then start nolva/clomid.
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    Is there any data on how long these metabolites actually last? I searched some time ago, but couldn't find anything. I'm 4 months off ND and am looking to get off TRT.
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    Here it is:

    Long term perturbation of endocrine parameters and cholesterol metabolism after discontinued abuse of anabolic androgenic steroids

    "A sustained suppression of LH, and FSH was observed for several months. The nandrolone urinary biomarker 19-NA was detectable several months after the last nandrolone intake and was correlated to the levels of LH and FSH."

    "Some individuals had a sustained suppression of LH and FSH for a period of 1 year whereas the cholesterol profile was normalized within 6 month."

    Looks like I should wait a while unless further sustained suppression of LH/FSH up to a year (past 'several months') was due to failure to pct and thus indicative of a slow, natural recovery. But I'm not reading it that way. No data on exactly how suppressive of LH/FSH 19-NA is, though, or at least not without accessing the full study. I'd rather have a mostly full recovery via an intensive PCT sooner and do another round of PCT next year, if necessary, than just stay on TRT till next year and PCT then, increasing the total time I've been on significantly, hurting my chances of full recovery...

    Any opinions on this? Should I bother trying to bail on TRT 4 months out from the end of an ND blast?
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