what sources have been around longest?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Transhuman, Apr 9, 2012.

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    sources come and go, some get busted, some retire, some go underground. who has been around the longest and still ships to this day? the one that comes to mind is alin. at least 12 year maybe longer. any more pre raw deal sources good or bad still kickin? how long naps and uncle been around
  2. ski1969

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    Nobody I used 10 years ago is still around...who I would trust.

    I used Alin - what a douche bag.

    Maybe IP China. He had some great stuff back in the day. I liked the vet grade, TTokkyo and one other I can't remember. He also had some good orals and ancillaries. He got real hit or miss over the years, and I stopped using him.

    I think he took payment via eGold way back when...what a howl.
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    IP went hit and miss when Chinese pharmaceuticals went hit or miss. There was a time that Chinese sources were solid and the best to deal with. But they have been 'Americanized' in the last 5 years. They sell you any powder and call it like they want so fuck them. IP gets his stuff from Chinese powder sources.

    Airsealed was the BEST hands down. The DEA put enough pressure that they are gone. I miss them like fuck.

    Naps has been around a while. Alin has been around but he's a complete and utter piece of gutter garbage.

    Some of the guys who survived like Alin is because they teamed up with fellow garbage people like PM and others and run a well oiled shill campaign.
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    I will have to agree IP china sells garbage now bunk hgh and under dosed products(This was my last time using him) never again, for the money I spent. I just emailed to let him know the hgh was bunk and if he would replace it with test... But I have a feeling I'm screwed. Alin was ok I got arimidex I needed but it took for ever to get weeks I won't use him again, something about him I just weary about...
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    So is IP-China the only IP operating nowadays?

    Did the IP-Europe bust effectively shutdown the operation? Or does it have nine lives like Axio?
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    pharmanabolics has been around ever since i started using AAS around 7yrs ago, very expensive though, i had my dbol 1st cycle from them, great idea that was :rolleyes:[:eek:)]
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    They are a bit pricey. I order 3x but received all three times. They ship in a novel way but still have a lot of seizures for some reasons.

    These guys also own isteroids some people love them, some despise them. On the drug boards they are labelled selective scammers.I doubt it. I just think a lot of their packs get seized.
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    uncle Z and naps are ok,but this guys sale a lot of fakes too!

    Alin is good,he sale gmp prods.