What Steroid Can Enlarge Penis?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by drgdrg1, May 30, 2006.

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    drgdrg1 Junior Member

    does igf-1 or GH injected in penis can make him grow?what other method do you recomended?steroid can build bones, muscles,so why not a penis? is testosteron makes penis grow or DHT wil do it?
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    That's that!

    That's that! Junior Member

    You're a knucklehead
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    Phreezer Member

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    solo47 Member

    GH will nearly double your unit's width & density, & add length too. Problem is you need to inject deep: A 2 inch 18g needle is required & it must be driven in to the hilt. Each injection must go straight into your knob seven times each day with at least 4ius per shot. For full effect, you must continue this regimen nonstop for five years. By then, if your unit has not fallen off, it will definitly have changed appearance!:eek:

    Let me know how it goes, eh?

    Dr. Solo;)
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    jasthace Member

    I have successfully used 3 mls a day of vet grade testosterone propionate,you must be sure to mastabate for a full hour after the injection and repeat every day for a week for premanent effects{be them physical or psychological}
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    elgaringo Junior Member

    LMFAO:D Im thinking of giving that a go actually!!!:cool:
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    GrowN Junior Member

    :eek: :eek: OUCH!! You know that someone might read this and really try it.....pretty damn funny!
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    mrc0703 Member

    synthol .. right into the head
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    FIREFLY Junior Member

    18 gauge or a 10? i think the 10 would be a better go. but i think is you inject into you nuts that should work better. if you really waht to grow a 12" dong after you inject into your nuts you have to clap em to gether a few times with a hardy clap .. kinda like that monkey with the symbols. thats what worked for me. good luck!

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    unt0ld Junior Member

    they sell pills that make ur pecker get bigger, just google it.
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    FIREFLY Junior Member

    yeah they have a cream too, but the last thing i need are my hands getting huge when i see a hot chick.
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    GrowN Junior Member



    Seriously, finishing puberty would help.;)
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    mrc0703 Member

    Bro thats classic LoL
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    FIREFLY Junior Member

    he he he ... i try guys!
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    novicebb Member

    Please don't anyone be foolish enough to fall for this, plus that regimen would be extremely expensive. May just need to go to a cosmetic surgeon instide.

    Ofcourse solo I know you were joking.
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    solo47 Member

    You're pretty astute.:rolleyes:


    P.S., even if some frog-brained small-cocked nimrod decided to take my advice seriously, he wouldn't get passed the first injection w/o screaming in agony to the nearest ER. But there would be a temporary size increase, no doubt.
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    FIREFLY Junior Member

    i can just see some little shit thinking ... hmmmm maybe i can do this ... then scream then mom comes rinning to the bathroom door and sees a pin sticking out of his little worm. lol .... i kinda want someone to rry this just so they can post back and tell us all that "it really hurt and it didnt even work" lol.

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