What the F did trt did to me?

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    I started TRT at the age 0f 19 with test level of 380 in a attempt to cure my symptoms, after trying tons of different things who didn't help. ( had low libido, always tired, etc.)

    Here is the thing do... I started TRT cause I was somewhat motivated to improve.

    I wanted a girlfriend and like girls a lot (was often thinking about them), but I had a low libido and couldn't keep up at all if i ever had sex, so it fuked my self esteem even more.

    I wanted to get big, was going to the gym 5 times a week for the last 4 years, it was really a passion I had and I was living for that. But the gain weren't so amazing, i was always tired and it was hard for me to put on muscle, and easy too put on fat when i tried to bulk, despite killing myself in the gym.

    Here is the thing do.. i started trt and 1-2 month after that, i lost my passion for bodybuilding.. kept on trying trt too see if i could saw some improvement.. didn't really help that much, and after 9 month i actually realisez that I felt worse. I didnt care about NOTHING. no libido+ i didnt even wanted to have girlfriend or whatever, simply no care at all. same thing for my training, i losed a lot of strenght and some mass cause I complety losed my motivation to train and my intensity in the gym suffered.

    Pre trt attempt I was motivated to get money and open a gym, now its all gone.

    BTW, if you ask, blood work always showed test around 900-1200 and e2 around 20-40. i tried to let estrogen raise up a little bit, didnt help, only made me feel like I took a SSRI or someting (aka lazy, content and sleepy.)

    So I stopped TRT to try and get back life I was pre trt, caused it maybe was shitty, but it was still better then how I felt on TRT.

    Ive been of for 3 months. Im still waiting for blood i took 3 weeks ago, the result are still processing (fuking stupid, test and e2 analyse only take 1 day but whatever.)

    I would like to know if I will ever be like a was before.

    PS: Another thing is pre trt , stimulant and plant for libido used to work REALLY good on me.. now they do fuk all.
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    Very high TT for TRT. Do you have doctor for TRT? DHT?
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    No I didnt' test for DHT. I had a endo who followed my(gave my blood work every 3 month), but I got the testosterone by myself.)

    Now have been of everything for the last 3 month, just hope I will feel like before. I felt better pre trt with test level of 350 (more lively, despite been tired and low libido), 95% of the time on TRT.
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    I think you must see a good doctor and read the forum for similar situations.You have posts limited info.
  5. What was your test dosages again ? 100mg/wk is the standard starting dose.....
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    When you started TRT at age 19 was it under doctor supervision?
    Have you ever used AAS, prohormones?
    What is your diet like right now?

    Have you had COMPLETE blood work done? A COMPLETE thyroid panel, D3, lipids, etc?
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    19 under the supervision of a endo in the sense that he was following my blood work but thats it. I was buying the testosterone myself.

    Thyroid have been tested and I take synthroid. lipids and d3 were good.

    diet is what is has always been even for pre trt ( meat, fish, eggs, brown rice, beans, vegetables, fruits, rarely if ever cheat, multivitamin, etc.)

    I just don't understand why a completly lost my interest in training and with women 2-3 months in into TRT.

    I was dialed at test between 800-1200 and e2 20-40. I did tried to let my estrogen creep up, it help somewhat the libido a little, but i was bloated as fuk, acne, oily skin, sweating a lot, puffy lips and i just wanted to lay all day eating ice cream like a old laddie on Prozac.

    before trt i was often tired and low libido(but still better than now), but I was still really interest in woman, passioned about lifting/powerlifting, loved martials arts, games and wanted to be an officer later in life and i was feeling more agressive/assertif.

    why did I started to complety be apathethic to everything, not just when I stopped the test, but DURING the TRT attempt.

    I didnt use hcg, is that because of this? did my lack of balls action fuked with my brain? hpta shutdown caused me to because lifeless? i just don't know what's wrong with me.

    The bloodwork might help, but I just don't know what the fuk is up.
  8. weekend

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    a lot of things could've gone out of whack.

    non E2 estrogens

    these are all important

    check your adrenals too.. ACTH