What to do about PIP

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  1. LVLzeroHER0

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    So I have some PIP I know I pinned way too fast, just wasn't thinking. Other than just waiting it out is there anything I can do to speed up the process of getting rid of the crystals in my anterior quad? Current stack
    450 Decca
    500 Test E
    600 EQ
  2. Ibuprofen is all i've ever used. Some will say heat or ice or massage the area, but it never seemed to diddly in the long run for me.
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  3. LVLzeroHER0

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    Yeah I've tried massage with a roller and all that, heat also didn't do squat and I figure Ice will only make the breakdown of the crystals take longer
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  4. Done the same in this past. The relief was temporary at best.
    800 mg of Ibuprofen will usually sustain me for the day.
  5. LVLzeroHER0

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    Also, since we are on the subject I've heard that the slower you pin the better, what are we talking here? 15-30 seconds per cc?
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  6. Dr JIM

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    PIP is a part of using parenteral AAS but it’s more common in novices pinning quads and delts.
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  7. LVLzeroHER0

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    I usually go with the gluten but I wanted to give them a break. This is the second time I've tried quad and I've regretted it both times ha ha.
    Although I will say this time wasn't as bad as the last one.
  8. There's no real rule, i think. i would say to go as fast as you're comfortable with.

    i take a 1/2 ml, 2x per week. Sometimes i take several minutes to inject. i'm more comfortable with taking my time.

    If i feel any pressure or pain, i back off from the plunger for a few seconds, then continue. The only time i get PIP anymore is if i inject in virgin or born again virgin muscle.
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  9. Dr JIM

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    IDK if injection speed has any impact of the pain of injecting any drug BUT the volume pinned cartainly can.

    Pain is one reason the glutes are the preferred adult parenteral site.

    And bc they certainly seem less forgiving of technique errors
    I’d suggest you avoid quads until you’re more experienced
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  10. Rigger622

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    I pin 1-2mls pretty fast 10-15sec with long and short esters, quads, delts and glutes and sometimes minor pip but nothing that bothers me.
  11. LVLzeroHER0

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    Yeah I pinned as fast as the plunger would let me go (maybe 5 seconds or less). I hate contorting myself to get a good shot into my glutes, plus it’s hard for me to hold it still back there...
  12. tengtren

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    Run as hot as you can handle water in the shower on the effected area while it's in a stretched position for as long as you can handle, massage a bit if you want while doing this too
  13. Ophydian

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    Seems like everyone is using 18 gauge needles. I know I can’t do better than 10-15sec/ml on a 25.
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  14. i assure you, nobody in the thier right mind is injecting with an 18g. :eek:
  15. I thought VG site was the safest and most recommend (for adults) by medical professionals? At least that’s what I read, and when I used to get my trt shot at the clinic they switched from glutes to VG because they were worried about hitting the sciatic nerve, veins, plus some other reasons but mostly the sciatic nerve.

    Anyway now that I do my own trt shots I always go quads, never have any pip issues even with something like b12, occasionally some minor soreness but it’s not actual pain. The nurse told me at a minimum inject over a 10 second period but I usually go 20-30 seconds. I love quads, if necessary I’ll go VG or delt but I’m avoiding glutes unless absolutely necessary. I only inject 100mg or 1/2cc once a week and hcg thrice a week so not even 1ml per week if you combine them, and it’s such a large area that it’s not like I’m injecting in the same spot over and over.
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  16. BigNattyDaddy

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    My PIP usually goes away in 1-2 days
  17. SuperSwede

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    Isn’t that a myth?
  18. LVLzeroHER0

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    Yeah I tried this before and it did nothing to resolve or relief pip
  19. Hawkins

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    This just makes me bleed due to very dilated vessels...
  20. tengtren

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    Seems to work for me, I do this with every site whether I'm expecting pip or not, and I never really get pip

    I also do it because if it will help absorption, great. If it will help with pip, great. If it does non of the above ehh no biggie just something I've always done