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    Hello Meso. I'm in a long term relationship, I'm asking what can I tell my gf what she can expect of my behavior change\effects on cycle.when I look up this topic it's mainly all old scare tactics about negatives on the brain , and wemo n complaining that there bf is on steriod s. I see professional bodybuilders doing fine in relationships \ig couples see happy.

    She knows I'll be using soon and there's no bad talk from her about it , but in my head can be scared of the unknown \grass on the other side is greener .
    what I'm looking to get out of using is a better overall joy in life overall and my relationship. Being supper man as they say. I am a moody person, using its said that it enhances any mental\behaviour issues you have now, what truth is in that saying?
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    Don't tell her anything.
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    Test only and you'll be fine. Probably feel more at ease, it has that effect on me.
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    Whatever you're emotionally predisposed to will likely be increased. So if you've got some moodiness, it'll probably be much worse

    Do you have a temper?
    High anxiety?
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    I told my current girlfriend as soon as things were heading in the dating direction I was gonna be running gear and if that was a problem we shouldn't move forward. Now over a year later she recently said it's funny all the myths about steroid users being crazy and angry because I'm one of the calmest and most laid back people she's ever known.

    Running test only you're more than likely going to feel better in every way. Some people can't handle tren or running test higher than tren. I'm doing that now for the third time with zero mental or behavioral issues. Everyone is different.
  6. Don’t do roids just for some “mental boost” or “joy” or whatever you wanna call it, unless you truly have issues due to having low T. Find out the root of what’s causing you to need to take something to feel happy otherwise you’ll likely end up worse off than you started. Just my opinion
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    Thanks for all the feedback . I tested my base levels and got bloods done less than a year ago. I'll try and attach that photo . At 28 levels 863 test. It's more than just that I do have what I feel like is an unhealthy relationship with the gym ,I'm there every day and havint stopped for 8 years of training and I would like to feel better upping things all around in the gym and life , be more social etc. I do plan on doing pct and not on year around. Maybe some info also on what to expect on pct ,iv done 3 years of reading and gathering info from all around the net, I do plan on using hcg and trying to end cycles on test p so I can get into pct sooner and reduce any negatives mentally from coming off as much as I can by using HCG to keep the boys not sh ut down and using prop
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    Being honest I do have a temper ,not towards people but I do react quicker than normal towards things that are giving me a hard time at work or road traffic or getting takeout food and the order be messed up .
    I do feel irritable do to anxiety.

    I know of the issues I read related to AAS and what can happen and I'm going into it with a clear mind. But I do have issues with above
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    Learn anger management techniques honestly. I'm super laid back, it's really hard to make me mad. I mean I'll laugh if someone is flipping out on me.

    On cycle tho I can feel myself getting irritated tho. I've learned enough about myself to catch it quick, and just walk away, or stop and be like dude, getting mad won't do anything, it's whatever
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    You have great natural numbers I'd never recommend you use anything for the reason you mentioned. Especially when you don't have low test anyway. Hormonally you're about as close to ideal as you can get Spend the money on a therapist for your mental issues. I'm not joking or picking on you. Straight up that's my honest opinion.

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    863 natty numbers. That's about where I'm at on 100-125mg a week of test. I and many others will be pinning 1-2 times a week FOREVER just to feel normal. I wish I didn't have to take TRT. I love to blast and cruise but if I had a choice. I wish I had no trt and just did cycles. I have a buddy who is 40 with natural rest of 780. I told him I'll punch him in the throat if he ever tries to cycle. Spend money on a good trainer and nutritionist and you'll be much better off. Maybe down the road your natty level will drop. Then do something about it.
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    I know were your coming from. Im confused on that I'm above the recommended age to use yet my levels are good. But I can't add anymore mass without getting fat and keep the size when I diet. If think 16-25 people levels would be the same or higher and there using and getting size with abs ?I'm not competing ,that could be an option after I know what I look like after using . But wanting more size and abs isn't a good reasons ? Photo from earlier this year IMG_20180427_155121_916_kindlephoto-39048876.jpg
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    Another thing is libido . People say it goes sky high , but I'm already high on drive . So I'm expecting it to go even higher, and would be disappointed if it doesn't change . My question is does it or do you guys think the people saying that have low libido \drive to begin with ?
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    I have put thought into that . I do plan on doing cycles unless I lose that discipline after going thru how I could feel after pct . Plan on time on=time off.

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    I'll say it again.You need to hire a trainer and nutritionist. Them once you plateau then maybe consider a cycle. The mental warfare it plays on you isn't fun.
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    Yeah I respect that . Though I have made my own transformation from 270lb to 167lb. Probably 193 in photo . I believe I have a great understanding of nutrition. I could always use more training info. But I feel in have plateau in size vs lean . Obviously not in strength don't have to be big to have that .

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    Been listing to this guy a lot , thoughts?
  19. That’s good that you’ve researched and gotten blood tests, might wanna check your heart too since blood work tells you nothing about heart defects etc

    Anyway you already have good T levels so I highly doubt you’ll feel any of this “Superman” bs, I pretty sure that’s all placebo, might feel physically strong I guess. I highly doubt extra T will magically turn someone who is naturally shy into a social butterfly ladies man etc. might give you a shorter fuse tho
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    I agree with this. It almost sounds to me like you're really just wanting to cycle for the wrong reasons. If you a gym rat now with little social life it ain't gonna get better brother. Is stay natty for a while and find another hobby along with your bodybuilding. Also, you kinda sound like the type that "thinks" themselves into problems. Your doing good researching before you plunge in but let it end there for now.
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