What to Take for Hairloss with Tren?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by GeorgeGlass, May 1, 2004.

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    GeorgeGlass Junior Member

    I'm about to start a cycle with 150mg tren EOD and Prop/Susp 175mg EOD, running adex@.5mgED. I'm wondering what to use for hairloss, since the concensus seems to be that finasteride does nothing for Tren hairloss. Inhousedrugstore.com seems to have good prices on Spiro, but I'm not sure, and I don't know if that's what I need. Thanks for the help.

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    einstein1905 Junior Member

    If you're worried about the hairloss, yiu should still use finasteride because of the test, but some topical AR blockers like spiro and minoxidil are going to be the only potential countermeasures for something like tren.
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    Green Darter

    Green Darter Junior Member

    I am a big fan of finersteride taken about 5 days a week ESP after workouts . I am not sure why someone told me this yrs ago but worked for me.
    I have cycled and never lost any hair because of finersteride but never used tren.I like anavar and test.
    The thing with finersteride is that it doesnt work right away you have to take it before your cycle and after.
    I am going to guess that if your going to take it only for cycle not all year(I take it all yr never had a single problem filled in my bald area)than start a month before your cycle ride it around a month after or more.
    At 1.25 mg its harmless works fine but takes a while to get it to even start kicking in at over that dose it might not be harmless.
    Proecia is 1mg its ok but the extra .25 mg in a proscar cut in 4ths makes a difference and still no side effects.
    A lot of guys on this board seem to take it when they start their cycle. I cant see it working that way. It takes time for it to kick in.
    I never tried Spiro. I do use nizoral 1 to 2x week. Rogaine for me was WORTHLESS CRAP.
    I like www.sunrisemeds.com for Nizoral.

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    TenMan Junior Member

    I don't want to sound like an ass, but if you're worried about losing your hair, I'd stay away from AAS period!
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    Dart Junior Member


    Do your research on these products first IMO. Long term effects/req can be tricky.

    Good Luck.
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    Deacon Member

    most users who lose their hair while cycling are predestined to lose it anyway
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    Dart Junior Member

    I agree with this. On tough cycles, I go thinner than usual. But I always seem to get it back, thick and full.

    I'm talking about my hair, btw :eek:
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    KTCKSports Guest

    Hi George Glass,

    I use a DHT removal shampoo on my hair. It seems to work and i enjoy it. Product is called Revivogen. They have a website.

    By the way, did you ever date Jan Brady when she was jealous of Marcia? She always talked about you.

    Have a nice day
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    GeorgeGlass Junior Member

    I'm impressed. Didn't think anyone knew who he was. :)

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    GeorgeGlass Junior Member

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    GeorgeGlass Junior Member

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    scrappy Junior Member

    inhouse and fincar were good to me for hair
    1.25mg of propecia makes it impossible for me to get really cut though so i've nixed it for now
    but if you want finasteride, fincar from inhouse is the way to go
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    KTCKSports Guest

    I dont know but I will swear by the stuff. Haven't lost any hair in two years.

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    alsmith Junior Member

    I am currently using 5% xandrox and 2% topical spiro form Dr. Lee at www.minoxidil.com and it has stabilized my hairloss while on tren. It is a little more expensive than some of the other websites but I was extremely pleased with the service and consider my hair to be worth it.

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