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  1. Brad B

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    I am a noob. 33 years, 5'6, 230 LBS. Clearly my goal is weight loss but at same time looking to gain some lean muscle. After some research I have decided on these supplements/helpers:
    Protein Shakes

    I am pretty set on taking the clen for a while and the taurine as it seems to be a must when taking clen. I am open to dropping the creatine as online seems to have as much negative as positive. My question for the folks here is on time of day to take these things and whether I should keep the creatine. Based on research online I've come up with this rough plan. Note that I plan on doing the incremental cycle for clen as opposed to 2 weeks on/off and due to work my usual workout time is in the evening, weekends are mornings:

    -Take 40MCG clen when waking up (2 weeks of 40MCG/day, day 14-28 80MCG/day then peak at 120MCG/day)
    -Protein shake when I get to work in morning
    -Taurine before/during the workout
    -Taurine after workout
    -Protein shake after workout
    -creatine within 30 minutes after workout

    Any tips on rearranging this would be much appreciated and whether to keep the creatine. I'm sure some people have tips on the clen cycle as well but I will post a separate thread in the proper section for my questions on that.
  2. ickyrica

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    why not just improve on your diet and train a little differently? the results you will get from the clen will leave you dispointed unless you make a lifestyle change, which would be diet & training.
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  3. Brad B

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    I have made lifestyle changes. I excercise 5 days a week. Legs, chest, back, shoulders and arms days with about 120 minutes a week of moderate cardio. I've also begun counting calories and have set my regiment and followed. I have lost 10 pounds since first posting. No clen yet, it arrives this week. With my weight at 224 and being 5'6 I'm looking for an edge to lose weight a little quicker. Just a cycle or 2.
  4. RodgerThat

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    It's never just a cycle or 2 and your short term lifestyle change doesn't mean anything yet.... but it could! If you opted out of your quicker approach and focused instead on the building blocks of fitness and not the fascia and trim then you'd learn how to manipulate your weight for the long term. If you drop the weight with clen it just reenforeces your poor life choices that got you in the situation in the first place. Nothing good ever comes quick and nothing worth having comes without working hard for it.

    Put in the effort make this lifestyle a habit and you'll be more thankful for it.


    Ignore someone with far more experience and knowledge on the subject who is offering a lending hand because you want your quick fix that will have you ending up just as large and unhappy as before.
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  5. beameupscotty

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    Exactly on point. OP, focus on getting to know your body. Don't go on a crazy diet or expect some supplements to provide you with miracle results, eat a normal amount of food, train regularly, sleep good, drink plenty of water, and respect yourself.
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    I heard meth makes you lose weight!
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    You should do a 5x5 type of routine and circuit training. Get your core strong, you need a good base while focusing on losing bodyfat through diet, lifting and cardio! At some point the focus is going to have to be bodyfat if you want to look good. When I did the weight loss journey I lost 75lbs in 3 months got lean then worried about muscle. It's easier to stay motivated seeing drastic changes in body comp!
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  8. benchyourmom

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    You sound like you tip towards endomorph. I'm endo so it was easy to gain muscle once leaned out.
  9. jJjburton

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    can you bulk and take clen to shed fat? Since you are upping the thermoreg in ur body?