What to use with Dbol

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by 375Ranger, May 18, 2007.

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    Hey guys, I just ordered my first bottle of Dbol, and I m like a kid in a candy store all excited! I just finished up a cutting cycle almost a month ago and Im really looking forward to trying Dbol. What is a good AAS to use with it, I have Deca, TrenA and Prop on hand. Also, isn't Dbol known to bloat? If so can I minimize this with Letro? Or maybe adex would better? How long can I run Dbol and at what dose? I read somewhere here that your dose should be evenly split throughout the day, is that correct? I would also Like to hear about some of youe personal experiences with Dbol, what can I expect to see and feel. Thanks for the help and info. :D
  2. Used2Juice

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    There are a crapload of questions in there homie. :) Deca and test would be fun to use with it if you are looking to bulk. But with dbol and deca you are gonna have to expect some bloat, regardless of using an AI. DON'T use tren along with deca. As for dbol, I'd do it about 30mg daily for your first run, maybe 3-6 weeks depending on how comfortable you are with it.

    I love dbol to start a bulking cycle. :)
  3. Big_paul

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    test and tren will work well for you. I've run 100-150mg 4weeks i wouldn't use it any more than that at that dose. you can use 25-50mg ed for 4-6 weeks. useing tren in place of the deca will also help with bloat. for an anti e 20mg nolva or 50mg clomid ed or 0.5mg arimadex eod to start. that should work. I love dbol nothing will put more size on me faster. good luck and enjoy.
  4. jsupstarz

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    Bro whatever, !! For you , cuz I know what you've been doing, run prop/dbol . run the prop 10weeks 100mg EOD and the dbol 5 weeks @ 35mg ED. And you may wanna take some adex cuz you are a lean freak. .5mg EOD starting week 2. You don't need tren Ace right now, the prop dbol will be plenty trust me.
  5. TheBeat

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    I agree with jsupstarz.

    Regarding the dbol frequency: I use to subscribe to the split evenly throughout the day side, recently switched over to the twice a day no matter the half-life with orals or even just pre-workout. Also would depend on the dosage of your dbol (assuming 10mg), if your wanted to run 30mg you could either take 1.5 tabs twice a day, 1 tab thrice a day or my favorite
    -10mg twice a day with another tab pre-workout.

    Also letrozole is way overkill to stop bloat for this cycle, both in regards to estrogen management and in health.
  6. Preacher

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    i was running Dbol @ 50mg a day split into 3x day, I had good results but the back pumps I would get would sometimes cripple me so I only ran 4 weeks, thats all I could handle. I had very little bloat. with test/dbol
  7. role model

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    The age old Deca/D-bol stack is a great one. It's a 10 week mass builder.
    I would through some test in there also.
    This might help to:

    STACKING 101:

    Okay, I'm going to attempt to address a piece of the puzzle towards effective combinations of compounds from a more scientific standpoint than just throwing two drugs together haphazardly so we can say we're"stacking". Keep in mind there are MANY variables here, and I'm only addressing one key (yet important) issue: Anabolic steroids work through more than one pathway-activating the androgen receptor (A/R) is only one of them. Some A/S is effective in certain pathways but not others. It's best to use a combination that covers both androgen receptors mediated activity and non-A/R mediated activity (outside of the A/R). Examples of drugs that do not bind well to the A/R and thus achieve their effectiveness through other pathways are Anadrol-50, Dianabol, and winstrol. Drugs that possess strong binding affinity to the A/R and thus achieve their effects through this mechanism are as follows: Oxandrolone, equipoise, primobolan depot, and nandrolone (deca). *Note-testosterone exhibits powerful effects through both A/R and non-A/R pathways. This is one of the reasons that it is universally accepted as the most powerful "stand-alone" muscle builder (trenbolone also shares similar characteristics). Based on the above information, let's look at combining groups for complete growth through different pathways. Effective combinations could be (but are not limited to)--Testosterone/trenbolone + Dianabol or winstrol***Deca/equipoise + winstrol or dianabol***Primobolan/Equipoise + winstrol, d-bol or anadrol-50***Oxandrolone + winstrol or d-bol (*note-even though this would be a double AA-17 cycle, oxandrolone actually, for some odd reason exhibits very little liver toxicity, hence the 2 together should be okay). There are many different combinations that can be played with from the above selection, just be sure to include one from each group (A/R**non-A/R activity) for maximum effectiveness. Well, as stated above, this gives only a piece of the puzzle, but hopefully it will lay a little groundwork down for some of you guys, so you can start experimenting with different compounds with a direct purpose in mind.
    A classic example of this type of synergy exists in the age-old deca/d-bol stack. Most users years ago probably had no idea why these two compounds worked so terrifically together, they just knew that when combined, they seemed to amplify the effects of each other. This is due to the fact that deca has a potent binding affinity to the A/R, whereas dianabol is very powerful outside of the A/R, thus each one takes up the space where the others weakness left off, making for a potent one-two punch of anabolic activity..
  8. dennis

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    Run a true bulker and forget about leaning out for right now ! test 12 weeks deca 11 weeks dbol 4-5 weeks 30-40 mgs per day..gain some serious size on this one and cut later.Dbol 1st thing in the morning = breakfast of the champions..another one pre work out and the last at bedtime !
  9. 375Ranger

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    WOW, Awesome advice guys...this is the reason I love Meso-Rx! I am a "lean-freak" as Jsup stated! Since I livr an hour from the beach...I do want to look good in the next few months. I think I will try the Prop/ Dbol stack next. Thanks again for the great input fellas! :D
  10. advanced-stealth

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    That cycle sounds good.

    QUOTE=jsupstarz]Bro whatever, !! For you , cuz I know what you've been doing, run prop/dbol . run the prop 10weeks 100mg EOD and the dbol 5 weeks @ 35mg ED. And you may wanna take some adex cuz you are a lean freak. .5mg EOD starting week 2. You don't need tren Ace right now, the prop dbol will be plenty trust me.[/QUOTE]
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    Dbol is awesome regardless of what you use it with. As mentioned some drugs will work better than others though. Im thinking of adding in 35mg a day of Dbol to my 600mg EQ I just started with IGF and MGF. Im nervous that the extra weight will make it more difficult to do my running. I know EQ increases RBC so that should help with endurance.
    Dbol, at least for me, gives an unbelievable sense of wellbeing.
  12. Big_paul

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    i always stack with test or tren or deca so i don't worry much about overall levels. i dose one time a day about an hour before i get to the gym. ussally 50-100mg.that works well for me.if i take it in the evening i have trouble sleeping and have to smoke a shit load of weed to get to sleep.
  13. rodger

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    good lesson role model.